• Published 8th Nov 2013
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The Star's Fall To Equestria - CrypticMetaphor

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

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4- Pour Some Sugar On Me

A full day had passed the group by since arriving back in Ponyville; Joseph had taken up temporary residence in Twilight’s library before Pinkie offered to take him in, although the girls insisted that might be a bad idea. Joseph, though a Joestar, was quite hotheaded even more so than Dash. But Pinkie insisted that she was in the right so the girls, with Jonathan’s warning words of caution, gave Joseph over to Pinkie. Joseph of course had a few choice words for him being treated like a piece of meat to be passed around, but he silenced himself when Jonathan gave him a scolding look. Of course Joseph was filled in on the prophecy and exactly what was expected of the Joestar's in Equestria.

“So, you’re telling me that my family from the future and past are here to fight an evil force that we don’t even know what it looks or sounds like?”

Twilight nodded at Joseph, “Pretty much.”

Joseph smiled with drive and cocky arrogance, “When do we get started!”

“Well we can’t,” Twilight smiled sheepishly, “We…kind of have to find your other family members, remember?”

Joseph grumbled some curse word she never heard before as he kicked a pebble with The Ripple which caused it to drill into a nearby tree. He then departed to Sugarcube Corner.


That night, Twilight sat with Rarity and Jonathan in the Boutique as they discussed on a letter they had received from Princess Celestia moments ago after reporting as to where and how they retrieved Joseph.

“My Dearest Twilight, thanks to your findings and ingenuity in the retrieval of Joseph. Using your technique we have both decided upon the best course of action in regards to finding the remaining Joestars. Using the talisman as a sort of central beacon, we’ll send out a radial tracking charm, a ping if you will. When the ‘ping’ locks onto a Joestar, we’ll send you his or her location. I hope your all doing well, sincerely, Princess Celestia,” Twilight sighed as she placed the letter upon the table, “So now we wait.”

Jonathan was currently out of his adventure wear and was wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and a tie that matched his neatly styled mane, “I just feel so unsettled at leaving my family alone in this world. There’s no telling what could be out there.”

Rarity patted the gentlestallion’s back soothingly, “Calm yourself darling. If your family is anything like you and Joseph, they’ll be fine. Why I dare say the creatures of our world should be afraid of them.”

Twilight nodded with an encouraging smile, “Yeah. If your family fights like you and Joseph did back in Manehatten, there will be no problems.”

Jonathan gave a small smile at their support, “Thank you both. Truly you are the most supportive friends I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.”

Twilight stirred her tea, “Can you tell us about one? If you don’t mind that is.”

A knock on the door alerted the two as Rarity opened it and was surprised at seeing the rest of the girls with a slightly drowsy and annoyed Joseph in tow on the doorstep.

Rarity blinked, “What are you all doing here this time of night?”

Rainbow pointed at Pinkie, “She said her Pinkie sense alerted her to an otherworldly story that was about to be told. So she dragged us here.”

Jonathan smiled as Joseph took a seat in front with everypony, “So gramps, what’s the story?”

Jonathan cleared his throat, “Well this story is about one of my most trusted friends, Robert Edward O. Speedwagon and how I met him. You see, back on my world I lived in my family estate in England. My father was a wealthy man, but never did that change him for the worse. He raised and taught me all that I know about being a true gentlemen, I loved him greatly…I still do,” he glanced at the ground in sadness.

Applejack nodded in understanding, “You lost him didn’t you.”

Jonathan shook his head, “No,” the fire in his eyes returned as visions of…that night entered his mind. The smell of freshly spilled blood, used gunpowder, and burning wood attacked his mind like a wave.

“He was taken from me, by someone that I once called brother,” he looked to the side, “this person, though we had a bond later in life, was in truth as vile as the most wicked of killers. He manipulated my father and I which soon resulted in him poisoning my father to near death. Upon discovering this plot, I did all in my power to save my father,” he stood and looked out a window, “I went to London’s most seedy rookery known as Ogre Street. There I met a gang of ruffians who sought to be my undoing, among them was Speedwagon. Though they attacked me, I made it clear my quarrel was not with them. Speedwagon saw this and vowed to assist wherever he could,” he smiled at the memory of his friend, “and he did.”

Rainbow Dash snorted at the mention of the underhanded man that Jonathan once called brother, “That’s despicable, who was that slime anyway?”

Jonathan sat down, “His name was Dio Brando. I merely pray that none of you ever have the displeasure of meeting him.”

Joseph looked at his grandfather, “Speedwagon told me about that guy, he was a vampire right?”

All the ponies present stared at Jonathan and Joseph in utter surprise, “VAMPIRE?!”

Jonathan chuckled as his hoof crackled with The Ripple, “That’s what this is for. A man named Will Anthonio Zeppeli taught me all he knew about The Ripple, he was my friend and mentor,” he smiled at Twilight, “A lot like your Princess was to you Twilight. Perhaps one day I might tell you the whole story.”

A snore was heard as everypony noticed Joseph had fallen asleep sitting up, they all smiled slightly but their smiles turned to looks of horror as Pinkie put shaving cream on his front hoof. She then tickled his nose with a peacock feather as the girls and Jonathan moved to stop her. Joseph’s hoof flew to his face and there was a splat. Joseph’s eyes opened as he looked at the mess dripping from his face, his shocked gaze found its focus on Pinkie Pie. The pink earth pony was rolling on the ground snorting with laughter. All the ponies were frozen; they not only witnessed Joseph’s temper, but what he was capable of when he got going back in Manehatten. Pinkie’s friends feared the worst.

Joseph inhaled sharply…then started laughing. The sudden action caused even Jonathan to look on with surprise at the sudden action. Joseph picked the party pony up and smeared the shaving cream on her face, both were silent, and then started laughing together.

“Uh,” Dash rubbed her eyes, “What just happened?”

Jonathan smiled at his grandson as he mock chased Pinkie around in attempt to place a bucket on her head, “I believe Joseph, though brash, still enjoys the little things.”

A pie hit the eldest Joestar in the face as Joseph hooted, “Gotcha old man!”

Jonathan pulled the pie off his face, “I think NOT!”

All three earth ponies chased each other around the boutique as Rarity tried to dissuade them from wrecking everything.

Twilight smiled; perhaps this might turn out well after all. Soon the excitement died down and all went their separate ways.

Joseph draped a hoof on Pinkie, “Pinks, I think this is the start of an amusing friendship.”

Pinkie smiled, “I knew I could find a fun pony in you Jojo. Come on, I got some clothes you can wear.”

Joseph stopped, “I am NOT wearing pink with frills, it never brings out my eyes,” both ponies laughed at the joke as they walked down the street.


The forest was dark and dank as the two ponies trekked long through the brush. Daring Do looked back at her new partner and smiled, he was a lucky find.

“C’mon partner, it’s just over here.”

The partner glanced around and sighed, “Goddamn, give me a break. First I drop out of the sky and land in this screwed up world where I’m a horse now, and another one recruits me to go on this crazy expedition.”

Daring looked back at him, “Hurry up partner.”

The stallion was quite fit in build, built like Big Mac no less. He was an earth pony with a dark teal coat with a medium length wild mane that was a dark blue, his tail was slightly shorter than his mane but matched it in style and color.

His green eyes looked at the mare with mild annoyance, “For the last time, that’s not my name.”

Daring smirked, “Well tell me what it is then.”

“I already told you,” The stallion spoke with evident annoyance, “I only tell my name to people I trust or respect.”

Daring stuck out her tongue, “Then I’ll start calling you Blue McCandy.”

The Stallion rolled his eyes, “Fine, its Jotaro,” he looked at their destination, an immense Mayan-like structure of a temple, “Jotaro Kujo.”

Daring nodded as she followed his gaze, “Well Jotaro, saddle up. We’re going in.”

Jotaro couldn’t help but smirk at the mare’s guts, “Just don’t get in my way.”

Author's Note:

Jotaro Kujo enters the fray.