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My Cosplay for Fan-Expo 2018 in Vancouver is Complete! · 7:46am Sep 26th, 2018

'When innocent blood is spilled, The Ghost Rider shall be called forth to dispense vengeance.'

Look for me there on October 13-14, if you can find me that is o3o

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lost interest in it. Couldn't devote my time to it

I reread Villainous . Can't believe it's been 3 years since it ended. What ever happened to Nemesis?

Thanks, much appreciated!

Darn. I'm not sure where I was on Coined Hero, but I went to take a look at it again tonight, only to find it gone.

I totally respect your decision to delete your low-motivation stories, and understand where you're coming from on that decision (having two "active" stories myself, whilst dealing with a job of my own and a few other things to deal with...)

I recently discovered the Kamen Rider series, thanks to another user on this site who did a Fourze Displaced story, and that spurred me to look for other Kamen Rider Displaced tales to read, and yours was one of the ones I found as a result. Personally, I think you did well on it, from what I remember.

Keep up the good work!

  • Viewing 163 - 167 of 167
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