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Stories added must have Shining Armor as a main character or otherwise play a prominent role.

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307739 Sounds about right, we need to give the poor guy some credit.
304524 He is the Stallion to grab the hiest position here, a truly prominent character.
293800 287169 Way to go.
:twilightsmile: :heart:
I just joined, in hopes my latest story will make it better than his opponent is.
Millitariy life isn't a picnic, right? Responsibilities can be quite the bitch.

I'm Shining Armor's genderswap :pinkiehappy:

I have turned Shining Armor into an inspiring General that may turn the tables of the war I am writing! Yeah!

Aren't ya just proud of me?! :pinkiehappy:

Silver out!

Added Arsenal of Harmony! :yay: I love this character, nice to see a group for him. Although I'm being a heretic and spelling his name with a U.

Whoop! I added my story! :yay:

283195 Holy hell... That must have taken alot of dedication... Bravo, sir... bravo... :moustache:

I have found you, finally. I had to go, one at a time, up through all group numbers (look in the url of a group page) from 1 to 186 to find the unnamed group that you (Wolfy Hige) are in, but I did.

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