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Poem (Fire) · 11:23pm Feb 3rd, 2013


Fire, what is fire?

To people of science and reason, fire is plasma; nothing more than heated gasses emitting light when electrons change shells.
But fire is more.
To the caveman, fire is power. Power which is feared and respected, but also power which can do good. Fire is the tool to cook their food, the way to heat their homes. It is the weapon to scare predators away and the shield against the darkness.

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Cool, but not mine.

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Comment posted by pilord deleted Feb 10th, 2013
Comment posted by pilord deleted Feb 10th, 2013

Hey dude!

I'm interested in sharing ideas. I'm way less on here then I am on Steam (the_fox_swiper) and Skype (TheSwipey), so please add me on those places if you want to communicate in more detail. Thanks.

No problem.:twilightsmile:

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