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This group is for anyone who's head canon has Shining Armor being a badass. Killing changelings, defending his family, saving Equestria, and throwing his wife off balconies. The man is a flank kicking machine. This group is also a fan site group for my own badass Shining story witch has it's own folder.

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Why was I not informed of this group sooner?

71st member! :derpytongue2:

50th member! Woot!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Dash Attack deleted Oct 14th, 2013

I can semi approve of this:pinkiesmile: (damn you guys act fast)

330608 Folders are open. Just add it to the folder you think best fits the story/

Can I make a recommendation here for a story add? "Where Loyalties Lie: Honor Guard" by LoyalLiar. Shining's one of my favorite characters in that fic, and he's certainly a badass in it!

326722 I think a better question would be why didn't I make this group sooner?


I know, right? Still, this is the realm of fan fiction. It's possible.

326468 That would be really cool if it was anything like Full Metal.

I imagine it being basically Fullmetal Alchemist but a bit more western in art style.

326430 That's what the fics are for. Though the show does throw some dark stuff every now and then. Sometimes I wonder what MLP would be like if it was TV-PG TV-14 anime.

Thanks for making this group. I actually think Shining could easily be one of the most interesting characters in the whole series (if this werent a show forced to adhere to a family rating).

Sleepless in Ponyville was great... Second favorite ep of season 3, edged out slightly by Wonderbolts Academy.

And we need those as emoticons... Get on it, knighty!

326139 Awesome. And Scootallo is best filly hooves down. Sleeplessness in Ponyvill was my favorite episode last season.

As for emotacon's, I can think of three good once off the bat.

Evil Twily stare

That weird face he made in pony games

And of course liquid pride for all those fics that really get you in the feels.

Love the idea of this group, Shining is definitely underrated. My fic will feature him as a badass pirate hunter in future chapters, so as soon as new chapters are out I'll post it here. (Shining needs an emoticon, but I'll settle for best filly.) :scootangel:

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