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Another update post. (unenthused yay) · 4:35am Jul 13th, 2014

So I recently released 2 new fic on the site and am still planning on updating EOD in the near future. The reason I haven't updated it is:
1) Pressure to preform, I want to make sure people like it but I also want it to be fun for me so stressing out over it has kept me from moving forward as fast as I would have liked.
2) Other ideas, Recently I've been getting several story ideas and have published 3 out of the 4 running through my head. I'm planning on working on this 4th one before I update EOD.
3) General Procrastination. Why work when you can watch some guy rant about the Ocarina of Time for 30 mins? Or drink hard cider? (Honestly tried it, it was alright).

Also I'm now on Twitter: Now you can all tell me I should be working on updating! And now I'm self-promoting, great.:ajbemused:

(One more story and I'll have an equal amount of posts and stories! :pinkiehappy: .... shit )

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More bubble wrap!

2379739 Nice. Unfortunately I'm living in Chicago at the moment.

2379737 Near Ames. Well I used to anyways. I moved about a year back and have been slow to update my userpage

2379736 Thats cool!

What part of iowa do you live in?

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