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Many moons ago, before Twilight Sparkle was Princess Celestia's pupil, there was another student, Sunset Shimmer. She left long before Twilight was able to go on and make several friends and save Equestria time after time. This is the last conversation Sunset had with her teacher.

Ignores IDW comic backstory involving Sunset Shimmer.

Edited by Brock Lesnar. Thanks for the help!

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That was a nice story. Keep it up!

“No not again,” She whispered under her breath and for the second time in a week, Celesita cried.

I found a Saladsita. ;)

needs a sequel about celestias thoughts after sunsets change hearing cliff notes from twilight

PS Since you already have your new prized pupil I doubt you’ll mind if I took all the student application letters.

Am I correct in inferring that Starlight Glimmer's application was in that pile?

I really like your characterizations here. Sunset is showing her ability to find the right information to use against people, and Celestia is the overworked, fairly desperate ruler just trying to get to the happy ending.

8106874 Thanks! And you're correct on that inference!

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