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Sunset Shimmer, former student to Princess Celestia, has overcome many challenges. She's fought sirens, prep students, an alternative version of her best friend and her own demons but all of them pale in comparison to her next foe, The Department of Motor Vehicles.

Warning: Contains lots of waiting in line and EQG stuff.

Edited/Proofread by Dying for Riley and Pixel Reality Thank you both for all your help!

Cover art by 0ndshok. Art used with permission. Thank you so much!

Cover art link: http://0ndshok.deviantart.com/art/SUNSET-SHIMMER-595795773

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Comments ( 42 )

:rainbowlaugh: As someone who wants to get their Driver's Lisence this story resonates so well.

The cover art reminds me of the film Akira.

7218636 I believe it was passed off of it is why.

All the while this song was playing in the waiting room on a loop:

AAA offers most DMV services now. And no line.

Zootopia makes fun of the DMV with sloths running the DMV. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde head to the DMV to talk with one of Nick's contacts, a sloth named Flash. By the time Judy gets her information on Mr. Otterton's vehicle, it's nighttime.

Not bad, but a little too fast. The key to a slow burn like this is to be, well, slow. Linger a bit more on her growing frustration. Make us feel her slowly dying hope for this to not be completely horrible. Let us see her expectations slowly dwindle toward 'Let me get out of here without killing all of the people.'

and then she was forced to fight a minotaur.

I've gotten quite an expertice on having my licence being renewed in 3 different states. and wait at the IRS office with the insane letter and number tiket sistem.

She should get a pet.

How does Sunset get a license without a birth certificate or social security number?

Poor Sunset. DMV lines are the worse.

Strange enough the last time I had to renew/replace my drivers license I was in and out within 20 minuets.

I would think Sunny of all people would have her paperwork sorted out before going in.

Hey, Flash, wanna hear a joke? :ajsmug:

Lol, Akira..

And then RD gave Sunset a link to this:

She watched it for HOURS.

7219229 yes. SO MUCH YES. on a level here to fore unimaginable by any race.

I think Sunset Shimmer Vs would be a good series in story wise.

Blame Nate Griffin, Sunset!

7220044 Because reasons, that's why.

Really, though, Sunset has a counterpart in the human world, just like Twilight. However, just like our Sunset, the Human Sunset ran away from home. We'll probably never see her, and our Sunset just took her place.

Also, because homeless people have children, you can get a birth certificate as an adult, just in case your family didn't register you as a citizen. Sunset could have done that.

7221974 Ehhh, I dunno about that. I always figured Sunset Shimmer was unique in not having a double, since it looks like she was always destined to move dimensions and go to the human world.

And getting a birth certificate as an adult is possible but incredibly difficult, it usually requires many rounds of interviews and records of other types for verification.

7222016 So you're saying that, for example, a person who escaped from a crazy cult that never registered her birth and has zero other forms of identification would legally be unable to become a citizen? Sunset could just make up a story similar to that, saying that she doesn't have any other forms of identification because she's lived a very 'sheltered' life. It would also excuse how she doesn't know anything about electronics, because she'd never seen anything like it before.

I mixed up DMV with DMZ. Shit fucked with me for a good two minutes until I realized normal people don't go there

7222103 Such a person would be interviewed extensively by the police and social services, and after their story is corroborated, they would be given a birth certificate. The problem is extra-ordinary circumstances are needed, and anything big enough to qualify usually means the police would get involved. If Sunset says she is a teen runaway from a crazy cult, she will get that birth certificate, but then she will also get put in a foster home, and the cops will spend many hours interrogating her to find the crazy cult compound.
Basically any scenario I can think of where a 16 year old doesn't have a birth certificate, someone has committed a serious crime, and the cops are going to investigate heavily, including lots of interviews with the witness/victim. And of course, Celestia and Luna are going to come under a whole lot of scrutiny, Principals and Vice Principals have a legal duty to report reasonable suspicion of child neglect, if some kid tries to register at their school without any parents or proper forms, that is a red flag.

Now, it's quite possible that Sunset Shimmer already went through this, when she came out of the portal she was immediately found by the cops, claimed to be a amnesiac runaway or something, and was eventually placed in a foster home near CHS, which means she would have all her papers. That also means Celestia and Luna aren't violating the law, and it explains where she's living without stretching credibility through things like "14 year old girl who is alien and doesn't understand how this world works is able to successfully pawn gold/jewels she had on her without getting robbed, and somehow find a black market identity forger."

this is relatable to anyone that owns a motor vehicle. sunset we feel your pain we feel your pain:raritywink:..........................FUCK!!! my registration renewal is due soon FML:facehoof:

As someone who had to suffer through the DMV waiting room, I can totally relate. :facehoof:

Poor Sunset. The DMV is never fun.

I've never found them to be that tedious, but they're never fun.

Not bad but the joke about the picture kind of falls flat since we can't see what it actually looks like. Otherwise a decent enough little romp of a story.

I could littlerally feel Sunset pretty much feeling the same as this guy

Though Personally I'm a little saddened you mentioned Zootopia but not this wonderful little scene that I think sums up all our thoughts on the DMV

Applejack prevents the wicked and un-American ideals of Communism from corrupting her friends by forcing Sunset to not share her wealth.

Sunset going Super Sandwhich is a legitimately amazing line.

While I was fortunate enough to take my driving tests elsewhere, I've still had to spend way too much time waiting at the DMV. It makes for a great mundane story.

There's one thing you miss that I ALWAYS have come up: you need valid proof of residency and proof of identity. She would have had to go back and get those... XP

Sometimes there's a person by the ATM who makes sure you have everything so you don't have to wait multiple times... but often not, and when there is or isn't one doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it.

Iirc, if you don't have 'acceptable' ID (and what's accepted depends on who's there for some strange reason... hope you're there when a manager is in!), they do keep the paperwork, so there's that.

And since she doesn't have a social security number (presumably), in some states she might not be able to get one at all...

As far as I know the DMV over in Texas also works in giving people their State IDs. So yeah, this is worse than my DMV trip. Hopefully Sunset didn't have angry children, a short attention span, and/or a very judgemental dad with a phone with enough of a distraction to keep his cool. My dad is great, but I wish I had something to look at.

Little did Sunset Shimmer known that a motorcycle license involves a completely different set of tests and (I believe) paperwork than a drivers license. It's back to the DMV as soon as a cop or government official finds out she's driving a motorcycle without a motorcycle license, have fun Miss Shimmer!

(Also, why Tuesday thru Saturday? Is that just something you did to set it apart from our worlds DMV)

7225243 O.K., good; now I don't have to post those videos.
Fun Fact (or not): I actually watched the first video while waiting at the R.M.V. after my road-test.(R.M.V. = Registry of Motor Vehicles and is pretty-much my locations name for the D.M.V.)


this is relatable to anyone that owns a motor vehicle.

Or who needs an ID for other reasons (like voting).

Your stories are great more plz

the same way illegals do. Whatever way that is.

I once had my motorcycle endorsement taken off, because I didn't take the test in that state.

Was looking into a CDL, and had to get a permit for that state, and give up my state issued license. For all the good it did me, it seems after 4.5 hrs of behind the wheel 'training' I still sucked too bad to get one.
(remember that next time you see a tractor trailler stuck under a bridge....:rainbowlaugh:)

Losing the mc endorsement really pissed me off, the DMV wouldn't put it back on, because the (out of state) temp license didn't have it on. I guess looking it up was beyond their skill level/training. :twilightangry2:

*EVERYONE* who works/worked for the DMV need to burn in the hottest pits of hell.

Waiting patiently, she noticed one of the people in line file out from the counter and leave. The sign number changed. It now read N28.
“Wait what?” Sunset said, rather confused by this turn of events. “That makes no sense, why would it go from D to N?”

Fix paragraph.

An error I noticed in this fic and the Welcome to My House one. Was that you really need to go through your fics before publishing them and touch up problematic paragraphs.

Still all in all, not too bad of a fic.

most excellent.

What did her ID look like?

“Is he from UNIT, or SHIELD or the X-Files, come here to talk to Sunset about being a magical pony from another dimension and through a massive misunderstanding lead to a potential conflict between us and Equestria which then in turn would lead to a massive moral quandary in which we question what it truly means to be human?” Pinkie Pie said, with her trademark grin.

Yes! Pinkie knows about UNIT!! Queue Kate.

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