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"I'm not addicted to reading, just let me finish reading this chapter."


Sunset Shimmer hasn't ever been a fan of popular fads.

But sometimes, you gotta take a step out of your comfort zone and perhaps take a selfie.

A first-person story, told from the eyes of Sunset.

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Comments ( 22 )

LOL Sunset's reponse to GO

This was a very nice story to read! I'm always for a nice Sunset story

Yes, lets play Ponymon Go before the fad dies!

7406225 I would think Sunny doesn't take well to THAT fad... it was kinda how I felt about GO when they first announced it. Unlike her, I'm absolutely obsessed!

7406257 Thank you! And about Pokemon GO... just think about everyone reading this years in the future (hi, future!) going, "what the HECK is this Pokemon GO stuff? Is this what the world was into back then?" Yes, we SHALL play GO until it dies!

Or, y'know, until the servers die in about three seconds :P

7406372 Its like the 90's all over again with Pokeamanz go

7406379 I think the new PokeMania is pretty funny. Considering I wasn't there for the 90's bout. If PokeMania looked like seeing a Vaporeon in New York and thousands of people chasing after it, the 90's must've been an interesting time to say the least.

I could also imagine the human Equestria suffers/suffered like that as well. Poor Sunset.

Oh yeah, I can totally relate to seeing yourself in a mirror vs. seeing yourself in a picture. Especially since I don't part my hair in the middle. I'm used to the way it looks in the mirror, so seeing it in a picture is strange... even though I know it's more like how everyone else sees it.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Sometimes, when you see a fad, you don't want to participate in it, just because it is a fad. But when you do that, you could be missing out on something you might enjoy! And sometimes, the only way to determine if you'll enjoy it is to try it yourself, After all, nopony says you have to do it again!

And if you're wondering what that was all about, I took my first selfie today!

Your friend,
Sunset Shimmer

My opinion, the whole Pokemon Go thing is stupid. People are dying because they're too entranced in the game or too worried about catching a damn Pokemon rather than watch out where they're going. Next thing they know they're walking off cliffs or hit by cars. The game is pointless.

7406438 The picture VS mirror thing is also relatable to me. Since I got a whole foot (or more) of my hair cut two weeks ago, it's so strange seeing me with my long bushy hair VS my very short hair. For my only selfie of me, I did look WAY different, like I was looking at a new person (ignoring the hair thing. My face looked so different). Also,

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

I'm glad you were able to learn something today! That's kind of how I felt when I first moved to Ponyville, thinking friendship was a waste of time. If I had kept thinking that way, I wouldn't have been able to help you. It's always nice to put a hoof out of your comfort zone and see what new things you can experience.

By the way, what's a, 'selfie'?

Your friend,
~Twilight Sparkle

7406443 Each to their own. I can see why some people would think that way.

Awww, a picture of Sunset at sunset. That sounds beautiful.

7407603 Sunsetception does sound like a nice picture. Besides, Sunny can't pass up the opportunity to enjoy something new and her favorite time of day at the same time :)

Comment posted by dude5999 deleted Jul 20th, 2016

From Pinkie Pie: By the way, wanna play Ponymon GO some time?

:rainbowlaugh: No way! Just... whyyy? I love the game but whyyy? Pinkie why you do this?

7411721 I would imagine Pinkie's the one who gets totally absorbed in fads.

And, y'know, you don't question Pinkie unless you want a three week migraine :P

7411892 G-good point... :pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:

Love the ponymon dawn/dusk, combine that with Pokemon go...
Me: hey mum! I'm gonna be going outside with Dashie! Be back in twelve years!

7419996 Twelve years is an awfully long time to play Pokemon...

...And the best way to spend twelve years anyway :P

Huh. That was a fun venture, and I liked seeing Sunset taking her first selfie. I also liked how Sunset's generally not on the latest fads, which really makes sense, considering she's a magical unicorn from another dimension and culture turned human.

7430799 Who knows? Give Equestria about 100 years and maybe Princess Twilight will be sending every selfie she's taken to Sunny.

Or Twily can just smuggle a phone to Equestria. Would be hard taking selfies with hooves, though.

Awesome Sunset Shimmer Story! <3 :heart:

Haha, loved this!

Ha! I guess a selfish isn't so bad. (this was awesome!!!!) Great job!:heart:

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