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This story is a sequel to Friendship Is Monsters

It’s been over month since Twilight first saved Sunset's life and began to make friends. She finds herself happy for the first time in a long time and breaking out of her shell. However, as she ventures out and expands her horizons, things are gonna get messy. Secrets will spill, faces from the past will return, and new threats lie around the corner.

Maybe friendship really isn't so scary, even if your new friends are monsters.

Maybe its all you have

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The Sequel to one of my favorite AU's ever is finaly here?
Take my like and favorite right now. Just take them.

A few small errors here and there but a very good opening chapter. I am very excited for more.


A great thing for Halloween! With all the tension that happened in this chapter, I'm glad we're getting to see who arrived at the end. Maybe with that, we can see what they've been up to and later on, we can get back to Twilight's friends and she can talk to them about everything that's been happening at school and home. I'm sure that the others would be supportive.

Ohhhhhh my God this chapter my makes me feels extremely bad for Twi. My guess is that Shiney is going to track Dawn the monsters.

The sequel is finally here! Track-and-done.

I kind of want to see her explode on her grandmother. "At least they don't try to stab me!" :flutterrage:

Only immediate family of Twilight seems to be even remotely worth being related to. The rest of them? Hey Celestia, DINDIN!

Please! That would be such a good counter.

I personally think that Shining Armor would be engaged to Cadance, who is a monster herself.

Oooooh true

I'd almost bet a vampire, just to go with the Aunty Celestia. :pinkiecrazy:

YAY!! You’re back!!

yea a sequel yea I cant wait to for more, I do hope twilight and sunset get ship, and shiny try to help out maybe get twilight out of that household and live with him and cadence who I betting is a vampire or somekind of powerful old monster,


Why didn't Silhouette finish off Luna (?) when she got the chance?

Kamikaze is more terrifying than the monsters. And she's going to be allowed right back into the school, isn't she?

Fucking Cinch.

Fleur, Fancy's kind of a lot older than you...

Soft is still a piece of work. Still, I can see partially where she's coming from.

Well my Hallowe’en is now complete calling it now Shining is back to announce he got engaged...to a monster... and the wedding is tomorrow

I really hope lock and key got her grumpiness drained or something like that, instead of something more permanent. Anyway, awesome to see this story continue!

What do you think cadance is? The obvious bet would be a succubus, but we could be surprised

I’m betting succubus too but chances are she’s a vampire

Gotta feel bad for Twilight here. If it got out how she exactly met Sunset, things can get much worse for both of them. Then there’s also the small case of Celestia breaking into the community and Twilight’s home, not to mention Carrion strong arming her into the vehicle and Luna threatening her. And of course, Twilight’s bad habit of sticking body parts into monsters’ mouths. Plus, all the Kamikaze stuff adds an extra layer of trouble. Twilight isn’t safe anywhere she goes it seems.

I love the dynamic Soft and Cinch bring in. They’re not incorrect in what they say. Monsters are clearly in power, have a huge physical advantage over humans, and generally have the laws and courts in their favor. Get any powerful monster that doesn’t have like twenty other equally powerful monsters trying to bring them down, and they have free reign on humans. Plus, lynching’s tend to dodge legal actions as well. A powerful reputation can scare off smaller fry and can bring scrutiny to any more powerful monsters that try something. It gives them a layer of protection. But, to quote one of my favorite Fate-isms, just because they’re correct doesn’t mean they’re right. That kind of mindset, while safer for now, stagnates them. Things won’t get better by constantly hiding and secluding yourselves. And with the way Celestia and Granny Smith view humans (two of the more human friendly monsters with power), it may make things worse in the long run.

Didn’t want to risk waking her, as she’s unsure of what exactly Final Stand did. If she knew, she might’ve gone for the kill, but she also needed to hurry back and start the evacuations before Celestia slaughtered them all.

Oh hey, I read the previous story, but why am I apprehensive about this...

*skims previous story*

> Rarity isn't a drider/spider girl

Oh. Oh no.


Yayyyyyyyyyyyy seque

Comment posted by Sollys deleted Nov 1st, 2019

I literally shouted when saw this and I'm very quiet person. I'm so happy right now

Kamikaze is well can't say monster because that would an insult to some very nice monsters. And Cinch is even worse that in the movie. Jeez

Though, I really like Fleur. A reasonable figure with kind heart. Dorm Mom of the year.

Yeah high chance it's a vampire, but I hope she's a succubus. Just seems fitting.

:heart:"I know you're as excited as I am about the wedding, Twily. You'll be best gal."
:twilightoops:"I don't get it who's getting-"
"you are cordially invited to Shining Armor and Cadence's wedding."

heard around the world: "WHO THE BUCK IS MI AMORE CADENZA?":twilightangry2:

Happy Halloween to me!!! :D

Word of caution; try to keep flurs and fanceys ages no too far apart. Not sure how many ponytubers you fallow, but especially now a-days it’s a sensative topic

Succubus, Vampire, or something related to emotions. I'm hoping more toward succubus with a few twists.

In the previous story, it had a whole Rainbow Dash needs a dress for a family wedding subplot. But if i remember right the wedding got postponed due to a pregnancy. I kinda thought the wedding RD needed the dress for was for Cadences wedding making her a Harpy, but that might not be the case anymore lol.



Oh,oh! Or maybe she is a changeling, like, cadence is and always was a changeling (and shiny knows)

Although a vampire would be interesting. (Your friend's mother is WHO?)

A perfect gift for Halloween, thanks you for this amazing story.

Changeling would make sense because of the Canterlot Wedding in Season 2's finale. But I'd say that the actual Changeling characters would be those Changelings in this story.

In any event, I just want there to be a scene within the next few chapters where Shining Armor introduces his fiance to Twilight and his parents. Maybe he invites them into the city or something so he can show everyone his beautiful future wife. I also expect there to be a scene showing Cadance showing the best of her character and Shining Armor pretty much swooning over her like a giant nerd because he's so in love with her.

Also also, shiny teasing Twilight about following his example and getting in the rebel side of the family.

"Join me, Twilight. Together, we can stick it to Grandma as brother and sister!"

Join the dork side, we got cute monster waifus (?)

I'm immediately convinced!

It's.... back? :derpyderp2:
YES! Yes yes yes! Yes! :twilightblush:

Though replacement seems likely it's almost too easy, I think Lock N key got an "addatude adjustment" from a powerful monster. Like I commented before this series is good as I doesn't go for the tired "monsters stand in for victims of raceisum" thing. Also with Monster High the monster but just felt, superficial I guess? Like it barely effected anything, course I don't think the franchise was meant to have deeper meanings, which is fine in the end.
I do hope this story crosses over with MLP proper, I mean in this world would pony Twi come out an Alicorn Syatr? Would Spike just not change. Since the Sunset here is the native one has Equestrian Sunset lived under an alias? Not doing it seems like a missed opportunity, or just using an established IP as a crutch to tell an unrelated story.


Time to learn your homophones is past due

The Fic that got me reading Mlp fics is back!

“They’re MONSTERS Velvet! Who knows what could happen to her! She could just about lose a limb!”

'Too late' Twilight thought, nervously rubbing her hand.

At first I thought she said this out loud. My jaw dropped to the floor in shock and awe.

Just discovered this series yesterday. Here's hoping the second part is as good as the first. Gotta say though, bodily harm and threats of bodily harm are treated pretty casually so far. It makes things kind of odd.

Two days and all caught up.

I'm rather enthralled with this one; love the world building. Can't wait for more.


Ah, so Shiny has come to tell the family that he's doing the Monster Mash with Candenza. Flawless timing.

YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! ive been waiting for this! thank yoouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!:raritystarry:

I AM SO EXCITED!!!! i didnt expect to see this today but am glad i did, my favorite mlp fanfiction has a sequel!!! and it seems so far to be just as well written as the first. i kinda hope twi discovers she is some kind of witch cause i remember they were mentioned as having allied with humans in the first story? but i am so excited for the next chapter !!

This is quickly becoming my favorite series on FIMFiction. The worldbuilding and storytelling are superb. I've been so hooked on the prequel that I binge-read the whole thing, and I'm definitely on board with this here sequel.

A few grammatical errors are slipping through -- just keep in mind that some words have (or don't have) multiple of the same vowel in a row. Lose vs. Loose, To vs. Too, that sort of thing.

Edit: Aaaaand now I'm feeling the slight depression when you've totally caught up on an awesome series and you have to wait for more. :( Aw, man.

Can't wait for the next chapter. I haven't been this engrossed in a fictional world since Fallout: Equestria or Angels With Scaly Wings.

Man, that grandmother is one crazy old bat. She'll probably cause more problems then she thinks she is solving.

Where is your avatar from? Shocked Fluttershy looks shocked lol.

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