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Equestria is full of all kind of strange and magical things, from mystic evil amulets to flying cities, even cannons that shoot cake batter. But there's one thing that Sunset never expected to find in the human world: bubble wrap.

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Featured on 01/12/2017

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Holy shit, that Dragon Ball Super eference was amazing!
Also, a goid read, very funny

Loved it. Great Job.

Emtu #3 · Jan 12th, 2017 · · ·

It's Pinkie being Pinkie. Most plot holes can be written off as "Pinkie Pie".

Their hooves feel to the floor


Overall, pretty good, just a fun little thing. Maybe a bit rushed but, well that's likely personal taste, I prefer things that take their time, but it works, nothing majorly off, well two points, one a minor continuity issue, the other a bit larger. The "Horse statue" is no longer there, at least if this is set post Friendship Games when it got destroyed, and with Sci-Twi there, yeah this is after it got destroyed. The other is Twilight's reaction when she walks in, this is from her perspective, so just saying she saw the... everything.. covered in bubble wrap, makes it seem like she knows what that is, rather then describing what it looks like from her perspective, and just overall, her reaction to the prank felt... rather bland. Didn't really get any hint of what she was thinking or how she was hit by it at first, since this is what's been built up to with RD's prank, the payoff pre-discovery of the joys of it felt a tad flat. But other then that, good, decent, fun little story.

Oh and as to it not existing in Equestria, two options, 1. It's just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. 2. It was discovered after Sunset left Equestria. 3.Addendum to 1. Pinkie got some from EQG Pinkie or picked some up when the two of them were swapping worlds with each other.

I like it! It seemed to move a bit fast at points, but that's just me being picky. I enjoyed it though, kept me smiling the whole way through:twilightsmile:

Heck, I STILL get crazy over bubble-wrap. No judgement here, Sunset.

Bubble Wrap, greatest thing in the universe. Makes everyone happy.

Maud Pie was... after the first Equestria Girls movie

Maybe this really happened and that's how Pinkie got a hold of it

Am I the only one who thinks that this will incite an interdimensional prank war?

I rather appreciate that the reason Pinkie knew her way around the castle wasn't just Pinkie sense magic. Makes it seem a bit more crazy that she casually sneaks into a parallel universe all the time. Would have loved it even more if pony Pinkie was squeezed in at the end proclaiming "Oh! I love bubblewrap!"

I thought Spike didn't even get paid.

For one thing, shipping is nowhere as huge as it is here.

Don't know if intentional, or accident. :unsuresweetie:
Still funny. :pinkiehappy:

All the punctuation issues and saidisms derailed me when I tried to read this.

Whoa, so there are new EQG tags, huh.

WOOT!! Sunset Shimmer story for the win!!! :heart:

"How much do I pay you?"


"I'll double it!!!":pinkiehappy:


Am I the only one who thinks that this will incite an interdimensional prank war?

I'm half tempted to write a sequel with that idea now.

7861563 Well, during the end credits of Friendship Games or Rainbow Rocks, I don't remember, it showed both Pinkies swapping spots. So it's valid too.

Bubble wrap is fun. Anyone who says otherwise has no soul.

So we have stuff in that photo for Star Trek and a Packer backer. Man Equestria is weird I thought they would support the Broncos, Colts, or the Chargers not the cheese heads.

they should have done the throne room so that all of the mane 6 could get into the action.


7863426 7861549 Problem is it's also before Rainbow Rocks ie the one where they figured out how to keep the portal open.

7861677 ...yes that was definitely intentional and you didn't just catch me making a great joke through sheer luck.

7863130 But then where will they plan their revenge?

7861013 7861144 7862809 Bubble wrap FTW! Always so fun to play with.

7863452 Sugarcube corner? just like old times?

Had me grinning like an idiot the whole time.

Equestria lacks bubble wrap.

Pinkie does not. :pinkiecrazy:

Upon coming to the door which led into Twilight’s lining room they slowly

Should be "living."

Good writing for all of the characters involved!


7863452 Now you mention it it's also before Twilight get's her castle

Inside the living room was Twilight, hopping up and down on her couch like a little school filly. The sheets of bubble wrap underneath her hoofs popped with every jump, with Twilight looking absolutely elated.

D'aaww :yay:

"Twilight’s loud shout interpreted him."

Well it's about time, I've always wanted to know what he's mumbling about.

Even though Sunset has adapted well to human life, she is still naive about certain things. It provides a lot of laughs for the rest of us.

This is priceless. I loved it.:heart:

Well, this was a good read... I am laughing so hard right now! :rainbowlaugh:

7864152 Someone make a picture of that! :pinkiehappy:

The instinct to pop bubble wrap is a very deep part of the human experience--it springs from the need to stand in front of the bathroom mirror while squeezing pimples. :facehoof: <POP!)

7862295 I could see it ending with a joint cooperation between Princess and Principal Celestia to prank them all.

Rainbow asked, patting herself all over. “I’m not going to get magic cancer or something am I?”

:rainbowlaugh: Hahahah! Ooooh lawdy.

Duuuuude, this story was epic! :rainbowlaugh: I laughed so hard, and BUBBLE WRAP!

Nicely done~

Skipped right to the comment section after reading the first few lines to express my agreement at how TENGEN TOPPA HYPE the Black Arc was. My favorite part of Super so far. Back to my regularly scheduled reading.

Starting to think Pinkie is like Primus from Transformers: a single essence spread across all her incarnations in the multiverse.

This is awesome. :rainbowlaugh:

I know right? And I was reminded of this the moment I saw the name

Heh! A good prank, and an amusing story. According to Ms. Faust, Equestria wasn’t supposed to have electricity, but does have steam locomotives, telegraphy, and bellows cameras—similar to the late nineteenth century in the real world. That’s long before bubble wrap, or even the plastic it’s made from, was invented, so it would make perfect sense that Sunset and Twilight wouldn’t know of it! (And yes, Ms. Faust apparently was pretty frustrated by all the anachronisms; she wanted to stay more faithful to the period, as I understand it.)

So a headcanon of mine is that Equestria doesn't have bubble wrap. Don't know why, just a thought I had.

Bubble Wrap is made from plastic. Not having it makes sense if the society makes little to no use of natural oil deposits. If they even have oil in the first place.

I have the same headcanon for The Elder Scrolls. Turns out Nirn is no where near old enough to develop fossil fuels (no fossils).

Well since it only shows up in that one episode, and it was set up by Pinkie Pie. It can be chalked up to Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie and putzing around with the fabric of reality again for the lolz.

And that would be the most epic prank in the multiverse. Of course when Tia and Luna get in on the fun it would only be greater (and personally I'd love to see / know what their reaction to the amazing joy inducing goodness of Bubble wrap is.)


Actually they are more than old enough to have discovered, used, and refined natural oils. Seeing as from 1E to 4E 202 (Skyrim game start) is 4,451 yrs.

With all but Skyrim taking place in the 3rd Era (and in all those thousands of years not a lot of progression, but tons of regression socially and magically (I still remember Morrowinds ability to make your own spells.)). But like Equestria they have lots of magic to take up the slack, but unlike Equestria, they've had mixed feelings on magic users to the point that they've stagnated there as well.

7920657 I'm planning it, only need to get off my ass and start writing it.

Actually, headcannon of mine, EQG Pinkie and original Pinkie swap worlds on a regular basis. They do this because Pinkie. And by Pinkie. Don't question the Pink One.

7933606 Or maybe she's in both worlds at the same time and can swap places with each other at will

7862295 Don't feel bad about there being bubble wrap in an episode of the show; your story just shows how it got there.:pinkiehappy:

“Let’s go!

needs end " marks.

“It was an anti-magic spell, so when Twilight wakes up she just can’t teleport all if it away.”


Re-read this. It's a cute little fic ^_^.

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