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Sunset Shimmer wears a leather jacket, walks with confidence, and used to be the school bully. So it's only obvious that she could probably kick anybody's ass.

Tonight, she's having her friends over and they're going to find out just how true that statement really is.

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Apparently someone made a Spanish translation of this fic, so that's pretty rad.

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Well I liked it. All except for the part about Red Dawn being the best that the 1980s had to offer. Certainly it's a good movie, but there's a lot of other good movies to be had.

Well, this is an interesting find! :pinkiegasp:

Fanon tends to make quite a few assumptions about quite a few things, then stick by them without another thought. They're usually pretty understandable, even if they don't always hold up under a bit of scrutiny. This here is a great example.

I've never been entirely sure about Sunset's physical prowess myself, but if she successfully bullied a whole school this long and we see her getting rough with people, you can kinda make the logical connection that she might be relatively tough. Of course, as said here, she may have just been a pretty standard bully that withers at the first punch and if she spent most of her life as a bookworm, it's not irrational to think that muscle mass wouldn't be her greatest literal strength. It's also not irrational to think that, losing her magic, she might have resorted to working out a bit and maybe studying some basic self-defense to give herself an edge (if one assumes she wasn't so ridiculously arrogant as to think she couldn't be outmatched already. Which, in the movie, she kind of was. Come to think of it, that she mainly relied on social media to do her bullying kind of says something...), but nothing is really proven either way.

Her brains are a bit questionable too, given her canon behavior, but I while I generally like to think she's a relatively smart cookie anyway, I'm a little less inclined now to think she's as tough as the jacket makes her look. It's now that I recall that Flash Sentry wears a similar jacket. :applejackunsure:

TL;DR: Good thoughts. Good story. Liked. :pinkiesmile:

garfan #4 · Mar 3rd, 2017 · · 1 ·

Doesn't do much for me. It would have helped if they at least made some mention of her carrying herself like she knew how to fight.

"Frankly dear the way you carried yourself you looked like you were barely restraining yourself from striking or choking someone all the time," Rarity said

I always thought she wore it as some sort of security blanket :rainbowkiss:

Look, Red Dawn was pretty dope. It might not be the best but its one of the best in my opinion. :rainbowwild:

Hey thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Also Sunset still kicks ass she just doesn't kick ass when it comes to fighting.

We'll never know.

I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for the read anyways.

Security blankets can still look cool >.> <.<

Good to know Sunset likes 80s movies. Of course unicorns or former unicorns would be total wimps in a fistfight.

Rainbow Dash looked away and coughed into the sleeve of Spitfire’s plaid shirt.

Ha! I see what ya did there. :moustache:

Well it was all said in good fun. You've effectively deconstructed the idea of Sunset Shimmer being able to back up her image with physical prowess, demonstrating the bullies are a lot of hot air and little else. There really wasn't much else for me to comment on.

7992822 ehhhh i liked the new red dawn truefully take from that what you will

I mean its not so much, 'like'. It's more, 'oh wow 12 movies for 2 bucks' at a garage sale.

Sunset's poor. Please help her.

Only top tier word play from this author :trollestia:

Your comment was appreciated. I didn't mean to make it sound otherwise. Thank you for the kind words.

I actually liked it as well. Its not as good as the original but it does have some fun moments and a few actors that I enjoy.

7992985 I sometimes forget about that. I've been reading fics where Sunset brought some bits or gems and she's well, loaded. But then again, poor Sunset's good too.

Sunset couldn’t help but laugh. “Come on, it’s just a leather jacket. There doesn’t need to be some hidden story behind what I wear. It’s like trying to find some special meaning in why Dash always wears plaid. There just isn’t one.”

Rainbow Dash looked away and coughed into the sleeve of Spitfire’s plaid shirt.

i'll never not love this line

“It’s kind of hard to sign up for Netflix without a credit card.”

no it's not, prepaid "gift" cards are a thing.


Someone doesn't know how Netflix works...

also, are you assuming she has a debit card? Because I doubt she can even get a bank account.


you're right obviously.

red dawn is nowhere near how you're supposed to spell "The Miami Connection".

I thought she wore the jacket cause of her sex appeal.

7993510 *raises eyebrow*

Oh, come on. You can't say leather jackets aren't hot.

7993608 Yes, people in them get very sweaty, especially in Summer :3

What is it, 1999?

Why does she wear it? Let my good friend Bane answer cdn.drawception.com/images/panels/2016/9-16/QnpgmQAm21-2.png

7992985 heh now I'm wondering about a mlp x red dawn crossover maybe the ponies helping the wolverines against (china was it?) and the griffins after the end of the movie maybe two months after the prison break end scene and 3 months after the thorax's changeling becoming king maybe helping them as well

Good job AJ, you tried to cop a feel and made movie night awkward. Nice little story, I never really thought about Shimmy's ability to fight.

A LOTTA FEATURING FOR A SUB 1.5k WORD FIC! No but for real, I thought that 1.5k was the minimum to get featured, even though 1k is the minimum period? I both learned something AND enjoyed this.

If Sunset really is a Mad Max fan, then I strongly advise that the girls choose another designated driver.

And now someone has to tell her how exactly leather is made.

I wonder if people think that about me when I wear my leather jacket.....:rainbowlaugh: no way in hell.

For some reason, this story reminded me of this story.:pinkiecrazy:

I had a good giggle. Thanks.

Ok lets be honest here boys. None of these are how you type Terminator.


Sunset's poor. Please help her.

Ahhhh SnnStt ahnhnhhhh nnnnhhh.
Sorry I tried to type a Bane impersonation.

Old Movie: US, Britain, Canada, China v USSR
New Movie: US v North Korea

It's a trope I've noticed a couple of times I just wanted to poke fun at it.

Look I'm honestly as surprised as you are.

I mean I've already done something like that.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That's what torrents are for.

I like this. This is good.


That's an odd way of saying Empire Strikes Back.

Then again if we're only picking from action, then you should all be ashamed. Alan Rickman is rolling in his grave from the lack of Die Hard in these responses.

The moment you see a fic at the top of the feature box with a common and disgusting grammar fail.

7994721 They're their now. Its not two bad is it? :rainbowwild:

Thanks for catching that. I fixed it. Sorry aboot that.

Everything I know about Red Dawn I learned from trying to figure out why Gohan yelled "Wolvervines!" in the Lord Slug Abridged movie.

7994770 It's still there. :derpytongue2:

Tonight, she's having her friends over and their going to find

Should be "they're".


i'm in so much trouble right now :c

Thanks, I actually had two errors. I hope they didn't deter you from reading the fic.

Its okey mum

7994809 Oh not at all. I enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:

That's good to hear. Thank you very much for the help by the way.


Old Movie: US, Britain, Canada, China v USSR

And also Cuba and Nicaragua

Oh right, I forgot that all of Central American was communist in the first movie. Thank you.

7994880 what does USSR mean?

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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