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After being asked by her friends about how she gets money, Sunset explains about Equestria's currency.

Note: Yes the Sunset pawns the golden bits to get money premise has been done before. However, of the ones I've read, only one gave an example for what their backing was.

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I was looking for something more economic

7854009 I'm not an economics expert so I wouldn't really know how to properly describe Equestria's economy, let alone put it in a way for someone who might've only learned the basics of it to describe to her teenaged friends.

This should've been an editorial, not a story.

What about pets?

7854022 oh also i clicked on this thinking it was a an r63 clopfic... thanks obama

Realized I forgot part of a line.

Thought about retagging the story what with the new Equestria Girls tags that came out, but since there was a Humane 6 tag and I didn't want to have to tag them all separately, feh.

EDIT: and now there is. MORE RETAGGING.

I can't believe it took me more than 5 years to make the connection between a bit (currency) and a bit (piece of a horse harness). The horse joke was there all along!

7868955 Well crap, I still didn't get the reference, until you mentioned it.

I was hoping for either more economics or a fleshier story. As it is, this is about 100 words of story and 900 words of exposition.

7871210 I wrote this pretty much to be exposition. As I said in the description, having read another story where Sunset sold Equestrian coins to get money but never actually said anything about how their currency was backed (most people in US know that we used silver and gold at varying times, though nowadays it's more complicated though supposedly still gold-backed I think). I don't really know much economics, maybe a little more than the average person, but it's not really something that high-schools teach. It also seemed like most of Sunset's studies in Equestria were more magic based than otherwise, especially since they seem to have a different school system set up, even amoungst the three tribes.

So someone who might only have a rough Idea of her own economy, maybe a slightly better one of the economy of her new world trying to explain it to her teenaged friends who probably barely know the basics.

And because you gave me a use for it:

The US Dollar dropped all pretence of gold backing in the 70s. It is now backed only by trust in its own worth.

A large cut gem seemed like it might raise to big of a red flag." Sunset answered.

"To" should be "too".

Sorry if I'm nitpicking,

I really enjoyed the story.

"Well, once I started controlling people, I made them give me stuff. However I still needed normal money so I pawned some of my bits off. Oh. Bits are what we used as currency in Equestria. They're gold coins. Gold is more common there, and isn't as expensive to mine as we can use magic rather than large machines. One second." Sunset explained before standing up and leaving the room briefly.

At least she didn't do it entirely the wrong way by getting it from people. :ajbemused:

"These are gems from Equestria. The crystal lattice that they're made of is quite different. The matrix lets the gems be enchanted easier. The enchantments can range from mundane to combat. A heat spell can make a gem explode like a grenade, to keeping a pony warm when it's cold, and even heat up a cooking surface." Sunset started, before catching Rarity as she picked up the large gem.

That's interesting. 😯

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