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Despite the nudity and well that about it really, you could(I think anyway) get away with this story to have a teen rating. I've seen stories pull that off just find. It's still a good sequel

7868277 I somewhat agree. I first submitted it as Mature but without the Sex tag. It got rejected like that.

7868283 there's your problem, other way around works

It's spelled "mammaries".

7868425 Fixed. Could've sworn I spelled it like that first time around.

....I just about want to see a sequel where Rarity brings someone with her and forgot about how Sunset sleeps.

...This is the first time a sequel has gotten more of my attention than the story before it.

This NEEDS a sequel where Rarity comes to terms with burgeoning bi-sexuality and possible attraction to one of her best friends! I am TOTALLY not just saying this cause Sunsarity is one of my favorite ships. << Nope, totally just a random thought I had.

Cute. Don't really know what else to say. I love seeing these two girls interact.

Agree that you could have easily tagged this Teen + Sex without issue. Mature + Sex may make readers assume S&R get it on, which they don't, and they might feel gypped. That could explain some of your downvotes, actually.

7869798 Not sure about doing a full-on sequel. I might do an extra chapter sorta dealing with that.

EDIT: Grrrr. Spent a bit of time outlining a story path for this. Already have one Sunsarity fic in my mind though of a somewhat different nature as that is a bit of a spin-off from a Rainbowshy story rattling in my head.


It's all right, Rarity. Everyone's Sunsexual.

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