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She doesn't even need new pants. But who's Sunset to say no to Rarity?

Written for Quills and Sofa's Speedwriting Panic, our prompt was "Pants".
(Sex tag only for the purposes of a comment made, and implication of maybe them having some funky fun times later idk better safe than sorry)
This is almost entirely unchanged from the original version written in 36 minutes.

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Sunsarity? Don't mind if I do!

Cute fic C:

Stupid Applejackofalltrades and your stupid fun, funny, and cute story about pants!

Thanks! And it’s definitely one of those ships I think deserves more love haha

*snaps fingers* got me there! Glad you enjoyed :>

I think Sunsarity has plenty of love, don't you? *waggles*

This is almost entirely unchanged from the original version written in 36 minutes.

Then why did you make any changes at all?

Grammar and awkward phrasing fixes mostly. Kinda hard to be completely grammatically correct when you have 30 minutes to write :P

Heh. Take them off. I'm just imagining some one like Bulk or Lyra walking by as she said that just a bit too loud.

Cutesy, and kind of a bit weird, but quite realistic. Nice!


Thanks! Weird is easy to come by when you are given the prompt “pants” and half an hour to write haha

Nah, more like every day of the month, Sunset added to herself, silently chuckling. She almost forgot the hellscape she was in. To most girls, this was a dream come true. To Sunset? Well, it was more of a nightmare. She didn’t even have the money to pay for most of the clothes in this store—she almost felt her lungs escape her body as she looked at the price tag for a simple silk blouse—but of course Rarity offered to pay.

Me too bro, me too.

We already have a Beanis Cinematic Universe group, what's next? The Pants Cinematic Universe group?? :rainbowlaugh:

Had. It's over now. They TTGL'd the **** out of Beanos.

I was beginning to wonder if Sunset was going to have a pants related ptsd episode.

See now that would have been a story but unfortunately I promised to not write a gazillion sad stories lol so i went with more silly here

There can be comedy in some one suffering a mental breakdown.

I am aware, but I try to keep stuff like that serious. Plus, I truly just kinda wrote what came to mind :P only had half an hour yknow

Adorable :raritywink:
Except the very idea that Bacon Horse wouldn't be at least curvy if not thicc :rainbowwild:

you are SO right which is why I made her not thicc for the purposes of this story ;)

She had at least three pairs of pants, which is more than anyone really needed.

awomen to that, sunset

Sunset made an ‘X’ with her arms and shook her head.

nice meme reference

i am really amazed you got this out in 36 minutes! one interesting thing i found was how this story would also fit a rarijack dynamic as well, with really only needing to change the hints at frugality out of need to something more related to practicality. but then i guess the final pair of pants for applejack wouldn't really be leather pants? in any case, muttering "stupid rarity" at all the stupid rarity things is very relatable, i could definitely feel that

Okay first

She had at least three pairs of pants, which is more than anyone really needed.

I feel personally attacked.

Second, this was just damn good and adorable that I was grinning from start to finish, and both Rarity and Sunset's personalities are very well conveyed despite the short word-length . What I love about these speed-writes is how they encourage writers into turning something really simple such as buying pants into something adorable and wholesome. 

Great job Jacks.

Haha thanks for all the words! I can see what you mean for sure. And yeah, I totally panicked with this one (pun intended)

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed, I actually don't remember how I came up with this but such is the magic of speedwrites I guess. Again, thanks for the kind words. I did my best to convey them properly quickly

This was a pretty cute story. Sunset and Rarity work so well in this context, and by Celestia this story is funny. From Sunset's internal catchphrase to the misunderstanding it's just great. In general, I like that this story doesn't take itself too seriously and exaggerates a few things, especially Rarity. The ending is humourous, given the implications. Seems Sunset is buying some figurative pajamas.

Also yeah, I'm definitely guilty of having a very select guild of pants I wear. Sunset isn't alone on that.

Haha thanks! I did try to make this incredibly silly, so I’m glad that worked.

And me too tbh, I only have like 4 pants

Howdy, hi

Okay, this was a really fun read. The premise is so mundane, but the execution is perfect. Sunset's grumpy attitude and slight naiveness work so well against Rarity's dramaticness. You really hit both characters well in characterization. I love how overtop the reactions are and the casual banter and flow of dialogue both do in the story. Most excellent work.

Haha thanks! I’m really glad to see you enjoyed it, despite the idea being somewhat silly :)

Sunset looked around awkwardly. Circular clothing racks surrounded her like ants would a crumb. She felt small, as if she really was a crumb, and wandered through the large store. There was no way she could have ever prepared for this. Hand me downs were the way to go! Thrift stores! Hell, looting donation bins was better than… than this!

Sometimes getting something new is the best option. :applejackunsure:

Sunset gulped and allowed herself to be led by Rarity into a different section of the store. There were pants. Pants everywhere . She craned her head left—jeans. Right—yoga pants. Straight ahead—sweats. Behind her? Surprise. There were track pants. Sunset’s entire world became pants right then and there. How could there even be that many pants? Surely, there were too many. There’s no way all of those sold, right?

Yes they do, how else would they do their job selling their clothing. :duck:

Rarity pouted and looked sadly at Sunset. “Please? Just try them on.” At Sunset’s unyielding expression, Rarity batted her eyelashes and clasped her hands together. “For me?”

Better do it before she gets upset sunset. I wouldn't want to see her upset. 😬

It was probably ridiculous, and Sunset knew that Rarity loved making her look ridiculous. But there was also something about the pants that Sunset thought was… sexy. Not on her, of course! But she could understand why Rarity would think that Sunset would look good in skin tight shiny leather pants. Maybe if she had a curvier body, she could make it work. At the moment, she just felt stupid.

So that's the pants sunset was asked to try on, huh, I was expecting something different. 😕

Rarity lost all of her finesse and facepalmed so loud it echoed across the store. “NOT WHAT I MEANT SUNSET!” she shrieked. “I meant put your normal pants back on!”

Sure wasn't expecting to see the story end like this but sometimes these endings aren't that bad.

Heh thats fair. Didnt have much time to write this one anyway so I went with a goofy ending :P

Been there done that myself. :ajsmug:

Sunset: These seem a little light, like wearing nothing at all...

Rarity (thinking): Stupid sexy Sunset...


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