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A Brony from Colombia that enjoys writing and reading about ponies.

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As everyone, I have a lot of ideas for fics I would like to see and maybe write sometime. I'm going to write here those same ideas (obviously, all of them will be F/F romance, as that is the only thing that I enjoy writting. A lot of these might never be done, so if someone reads this and is interested, go ahead and grab it.

-The Cute, The Pretty and The Hot: Sunset loves Fluttershy, Fluttershy loves Rarity, Rarity loves Sunset. A poliamorous romance fic between Fluttershy, Rarity and Sunset.

-Coco's New World: During the last moment of the Frienship Games, a girl fell into one of the dimensional holes that connected the human world with Equestria. Coco finds herself alone in a new world, afraid of what could happen to her. Coco x Somepony (not sure whom yet)

-This Love is Forever: After a meticulous examination done by Twilight, she finds out that her friend Rarity is Immortal. One pony finds this to be the oportunity she has been wishing for the last thousand years. Rarity x Celestia

-Sorry for making you wait: Sequel to "Would You Wait?" It's been 2 years since Twilight confessed her love for Cadance. Now she's finally 18 year's old, but she's afraid of even trying to ask Cadance out.

-The Model and her Inspiration: What was slowly turnning to be the worst day ever, 6 year's old Fleur meets a girl that changes it into the best day ever. Several years later, Fleur finds that same girl during her senior year in Chrystal Prep, finding herself falling madly in love with her. CocoxFleur.

-Life in Canterlot: One thing in history made everything different. Twilight never left to Ponyville, but Rarity moved to Canterlot, chasing after her dream. RarityxTwilight, SunsetxCadance.

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:pinkiegasp: Thank you.
I certainly didn't see that coming.
This is such a great way to start my day. :raritystarry:

Congrats on getting featured, homie :raritywink:
I'll just be, you know, over here... not jealous or anything... :fluttershysad:

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