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Holding in emotions is never good. Keep them buried for too long, and eventually they burst out at the wrong time. Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash have a secret they have been hiding from their friends, specifically from a certain shy, animal-loving pegasus mare. They've finally decided to come clean, but neither of them counted on the other revealing the truth, much less at the same time.

Now Fluttershy is stuck with an impossible choice between her two best friends. Can she choose one without risking her friendship with the other?

"Sex" tag due to innuendo and suggestive material. No actual sex happens in this story.

Author's Note: Many, many thanks to Steel Resolve and Karrakaz for pre-reading and letting me know when I screw up. Now with new cover art, courtesy of johnhilist over at deviantart.

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hmmm, watched. ill read later

Please... Please...
:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: FTW!

Oooh boy, this looks fun! Tracking this. Shenanigans are bound to be plenty :D

:rainbowhuh: :fluttershysad: :raritycry:
edit: and if we're voting, I vote Rarishy! So Dash can go into AJ's waiting arms!
:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: what~

way to put fluttershy in a tough situation. just try to laugh it off? "oh I love you two girls as well *awkward laughter* umm let's just eat this yummy jam and, umm, not talk"

Oh a lovely beginning a nice quick burn. Let the fighting commence. I vote for Rarity! :raritywink:

Is it weird I want the three of them to work it out to be in a trinogamous relationship? Nah!:pinkiehappy:

Wow... that got approved fast (and took off to a wonderfully quick start). Sadly, we are not voting for which pairing will work out between the three of them. :duck: :fluttershysad: :rainbowderp:

I'm very happy everyone is enjoying it so far. Back to work on chapter two!

1260074 Is trinogamous even a word? *runs a quick Google search* Well, what do you know... I had no idea that was what you called it.

I've always had trouble deciding whether I like FlutterDash Rarishy better, then, lo and behold! A love triangle story! This seems very interesting... I look forward to future chapters. :yay: :rainbowkiss:

you have made my night. I'll definitely be keeping up with this.

My vote is for Rainbow Dash.
But besides that, this is a very interesting fic and I look forward to seeing more from it! :yay:

It's even better than I was expecting, and the change in tone from Walls is nice. After an almost week-long tragedy binge, it's nice to not be holding my breath with every paragraph.

Although with the way this fic is going, I'm not so sure I can say that. Keep up the good work!

Now I'm going to be completely honest. Flutterdash and Rarishy are far from my favorite pairings (I'm more of a Rarijack, Rainbowpie, and Fluttermac fan), however your writing style is fantastic and your execution of the situation superb. And as such I will definitely be watching this.

shit's about to go down who will win :rainbowdetermined2: or :raritywink:=:yay::heart:?

... oh shit... I'm guessing now they'll be fighting over who gets to use Fluttershy's unconcious body first?... maybe they'll decide to share the spoils :pinkiegasp: jk!! But i can see them beating the crap out of each other though.

Rarity or Rainbow Dash, I can't wait to see the ensuing shenanigans. The first chapter is enticing darling, I don't believe you could've ended it any better way :raritywink:

I don't care for rarishy at all.

FLUTTERDASH FTW :yay::rainbowwild:

1259813 Agreed

1259829 Normally, I'd second that, but I love Flutterdash almost as much as Appledash. I would want to see Rainbow and Fluttershy end up together in this.

Adding this to my read later list. Looks quite interesting. :rainbowdetermined2:

My interest has been slapped into consciousness.

Holy crap... 75 favorites and almost 200 views in 4 hours? I never imagined the story would take off like this. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much for your support everyone, now I just have to live up to your expectations... :twilightoops:

Can we have Flutterdash and RarJack in this :pinkiehappy: It looks kinda promising.

Maybe Twilight has a cloning spell?

Although given that the author has joined the FlutterDash group, Rainbow will probably win.


I'd personally go with Rarishy. We don't get enough of it. And maybe it's because the only person I feel comfortable seeing Rainbow Dash shipped with is Pinkie Pie. But that's just me.

Impressive. Loved this. Characters are portrayed well, it has good exposition and doesn't get bogged down. It's following some classic romantic comedy cliches, but is still entertaining and amusing to read. There are times I want more, but really three story gives us just enough.
So, gotta say I find one thing curious. RD's daydream sequence is prefaced as being what she imagines and has planned on for so long, and yet, even in her own plans she's too nervous to say what's on her mind and slip up. Seems odd for RD to imagine herself acting uncool :rainbowdetermined2:. Still it was an amusing comedy trope.
It's not often I get to read a story that is grammatically sound, so big thanks for not triggering my inner grammar nazi.

Eager to see what you have in store. Good luck!:twilightsmile:

Edit: also, congrats on the feature.

if we're voting, I vote for TomxBloomberg because they just need to be in this story then the rest get shocked out of the love triangle and it becomes a hit on fimficion and you make millions... or something like that...

nice story btwdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png

Way to drop the bomb on the shy Pegasus, you two.

I, for one, have seen too many of these stories where Rainbow Dash comes out the winner. Instead, how about doing something bang out of order, if you know what I mean?

(continues chanting forever)

Good story. However, you did make a mistake at one point. Could you please fix it?
You said "Rarity wracked her brain for some excuse to walk her friend home, but came up with nothing."
The line is good, but "wracked" is incorrect. What you probably meant is "Racked."
Could you please fix it?

We may not be voting, but I vote Flutterdash anyway. As you could probably tell from my chanting.

screw you two! She's all mine!

What are these "arms" of which you speak?:trollestia:

found this via reddit. Will read when I get the chance, probably.

Unfortunately, I can't read it tonight, as much as I'd like to.

If my vote counts, I say they stay friends, or if not an option, then RariShy. I personally preferred FlutterTwi, but hey, it's your story.


I made it as far as the title page before realizing how this chapter would end. You did not disappoint. :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait to see how this one goes.

Oh this is gonna be good

This seems like a promising setup. Love triangle type situations are surprisingly uncommon in this fandom, considering the amount of shipping that goes on.

Assuming this ends up flat-out one or the other, I'll be very much hoping for Rarishy here. Flutterdash is the one pairing that really bugs me, because everything we've seen of how those two interact tells me that they'd make a terrible couple. Plus we need more Rarishy stories anyway; that pairing is so much less common, even though those two would work really well together.

I half expect this to turn out Raridash in the end somehow, though, which would be entertaining. Whatever the outcome, though, seems like this should be an amusing ride.

I'd go for an ironic :duck::heart::rainbowkiss: myself. They both try and woo her, and end up wooing each other. That's just me, though.


then shy gets pissed and tries to win either of them back,classic

Shenanigan will be made after that fateful confession :pinkiegasp:
Love it :pinkiehappy:

It would kind of be ironic if fluttershy was straight XD:twilightoops:

*grabs a mic, standing in a boxing ring with RD on one corner, Rarity in the opposite*


This fic is going to be full of absolute WIN. :yay:

"waiting arms" sounds better than "waiting forelegs" :pinkiecrazy:

Perhaps "waiting hooves"?

That might work! As long as it's Appledash :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

Rariflutterdash? Yeah... I'll keep an eye on this.

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