Rainbow has a crush, and Rarity seems to be the only one who wasn't informed. As she searches for the identity of Rainbow Dash's new love interest, Rarity questions whether or not her conclusions are based on reality... or on what she wishes were true.

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Writing, dialogue, and set up were excellent.

Concept remains a bit tired however, probably needed some more thought here.

Still not a bad read :pinkiesmile:


I can't here this word withoout thinking of the "Ender's Game" universe.

working on so many orders

Extra spaces, get 'em while the're hot!

only an inch shorter.

Ya see, I have a problem with words like inch, it's based off of the finger, something that ponies lack. This may (and probably is) just something that only I care about though, so it's all good.

“Darling, one does not try to make plans with Pinkie. One simply… is, and Pinkie will come.”

So. Much. Truth.

and her gaze...

More spaces.


Maybe they could be relocated to here.

Loyalty is Generosity militant and personal.

This is a superb line. I approve. So does Twilight, :twilightsmile:
Can't wait for more!

1779307 I do love me some Orson Scott Card. yum yum

But it's also a real Greek word. Athens had a "hegemony" over most of the Aegean at one point, etc.

I know that it's a real word, but like I said in my PM, once I make a connection... it's all over for that word.
And yes, Card FTW!

Excellent characters. I want to read more of this. RariDash is an uncommon ship, and this seems to be the start of a great story.

Very good story, undeserving of the thumbs-down some people seem to be giving it. I'll definitely be tracking.

1779337 Then I cry yer pardon. :3 yesyes, I do love him he is good. I kind of base Cloudsdale society on a mix of Spartan and Roman culture... I'd love to be able to have an excuse to use all of the cool stuff I've thought up. :3

1779349 Thank you! It is uncommon--and I think it shouldn't be. I think it has a lot of potential! I've loved writing as much of it as I have. :3

1779387 I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you find the conclusion satisfying!

People can have their own opinions, of course. It makes me sad--I wish they would leave comments as to why! But, life continues.


Always bugs me when people down-rate a story and don't bother to explain why.

No, no, no. You misunderstand, the reminder is a good thing! I like me some reminders.
And as for RatiDash shipping, let me have Patrick Rothfuss take over:

We love what we love. Reason does not enter into it. In many ways, unwise love is the truest love. Anypony can love a thing because. That's as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.”

As for using all the stuff you thought up, why not set a chapter in Cloudsdale, Rarity might want to see a museum, and BAM world building.

Holy hell, this hit new feature box :pinkiehappy:

A start. Now where will you lead?

Cyne in the featured box?! :pinkiegasp: What is this, I don't even...

I think Rarity is difficult to ship plausibly, but this definitely has potential. I'm interested in seeing where you take things. :raritystarry:

1782194 Thank you! And I'm glad for the chance!

Rarity as implausible? Hm.... After some thought, I *do* see where the sentiment would come from, but she seems to invested in the idea of "romance" both in fanon convention and in the show (princes and all that). But I do think I could see why you would think that in some ways--she's a businessmare with no time for dalliances with pretty colts and fillies. Or other reasons. I'll admit I'm curious as to why you'd think it. Color me interested. :3

I've always thought that about Applejack--that she's the hardest to ship. She's all business and practicality and no time to waste. Though, having written a shipfic with her, I do still think it can be done. :P

1782250 haha. I thank you for your cyan appreciation. :3

I think that's cyan. Razed or my Lady would know

I expect it's just the way I perceive her, but Rarity kinda strikes me as being perhaps a little too prissy to be romantically approachable. She's fussy, image-conscious to a fault, and highly melodramatic, to the point that I have a hard time imagining her being genuinely in love and invested in a serious relationship. That's not to say she couldn't be, of course; it just seems less probable to me. (Hence why I'm interested in seeing where you take this. :twilightsmile:)

1782312 Hm.

Yesyes. I accept this as quite valid. My first thought was actually "fussy-ness" when you said that. :P But yes, I think these things need to be addressed in any Rarity romance story thing.

>Mfw this is the first line:

Edited by the most ponylegged and industrious of editors, RazedRainbow

And then in the first paragraph:

was rather rather... attractive.


OH COME ON!! I just thought that was hilarious. Back to reading, this looks most promising. :scootangel:

1782333 That is the longest GIF thing ever.

haha. I have decided to always name my editors silly things and give them titles for the fun of it. :3 Though yes, it was a little less silly when I first typed that line, and the great and powerful Razed was not given his silly title right above it. :3


1782367 Renaming it Yuris of the Field is both an amusing and tempting prospect

1782410 yes they are all quite unimpressed. That is the best explanation I can give you.

Good luck

Do not go alone. Take Patrick with you.

Hmm...yes, yes quite. I find this to be quite delightful. It's extremely well written and I simply adore how in-character all the dialogue was. I honestly can't think of any other good Raridash fic off the top of my head, but I admit I am quite partial to the concept. I look forward to seeing where this goes. :twilightsmile: Cheers!

1782448 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it and I hope you like my conclusion!

However, I'm no pioneer! There a handful of others that are worth reading, though sadly we have only two pillars to build on (Third Time's a Charm and Salvation). Quite an unappreciated ship!

1782458 Ah, Razed's fic was in my Read Later list. That explains why I didn't think of it off the top of my head! Thanks for the suggestions. :ajsmug:

1782468 You are quite welcome! It's a good shipfic and I've enjoyed reading/editing it.

I hate Rarity the most in almost all fanfictions.
I hate Rainbow Dash even more than my most hated.
That said, this ship is cute and unusual.

1783147 Booooo But I suppose if you don't like the two you don't!

I used to not like Rarity, but in both fanfiction and in the show I've found her to be one of the most complex characters. She has that warring of contradictory impulses--altruism and greed--that make reading about characters like Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment so interesting and so human. It's like... walking a kind of tight rope, or along a thin wall... or on the curb. It's fun precisely because it's hard to stay on the top, and there is always the danger of falling as well as the challenge of it.

Rainbow could be petulant and unhappy about being drug along

Dragged is the past tense of drag. I am a part time grammar nazi and this mistake seriously annoys me.
Good story though, RariDash is one of my favourite pairings.

1783514 ah. That is unfortunate, though I wonder if it's a dialect thing. I've heard both--though on further thought that might be simple ignorance! Either way, fixed. Thanks.

Yes, it is one of mine as well. :3

... And then it turns out, Rarity isn't it at all, it's Twilight. Or Fluttershy. Or just not Rarity.
That would make some delicious irony, but since there's going to be other stories around this pairing... That won't happen.

For the love of Luna that is a beautiful Rarity characterization. Really, I surrender to you, good sir, that is one amusing and amazing romp into the mind of a romantic.

That said, you're bashin' against my headcanon here. Fluttershy seems to be the eldest, not Rarity.

How is it that I'm talking about how unnatural i found this shipping with a friend earlier and then I get on and I see a RariDash story in the feature. I really need to say: How? I can't ever see this shipping like Rarity and Pinkie. TwiDash, FlutterDash, RariJack those I understand due to opposites attract. This is 1/2 shipping I just don't get

Well written Raridash you say? With accurate character interpretations and a glimpse into Rarity's thought processes? Count me in! I'm really enjoying this - you write all of the characters really well, particularly Rarity (in my opinion, anyway) and I like the direction you're taking this in. Its interesting that Rarity actually knows, or at least suspects, that Dash might be into her, rather than remaining completely oblivious to the situation. So yeah, I eagerly await the next bit - keep up the great work :pinkiehappy:

1784130 Well. I have written TwiDash before.

1784247 I rank her ahead of Rarity, but for me Rarity, FS, and AJ are the oldest. I mean, look how tall and gangly she was as a kid when Rainbow was a wee squirt. She could be eldest, though.

1784712 Opposites do attract. Between brashness and civility there is much ground to cover--so there's that. They are in many ways complete opposites in temperament. But likes also attract, at least in romance. People like to read about opposites attracting (I do as well) but deep calls to deep in real life. I think the ship is far more workable then people give it credit for. Generosity and Loyalty, being kind of simplified cores of their characters, get along well: both center around others and giving of oneself. Rarity has also hung out with Dash before--remember who's watching her when she gets hurt in Read It and Weep? I'd say she gets along with Rainbow better than with AJ (though I've written both Raridash and Rarijack). They are also the two of the mane six who I think would understand each other the most. Both know what it is to crave the spotlight, and both know what it is to be under pressure to perform.

I can't see Rarity and Pinkie either, though I'm sure someone has done a good job with it somewhere.

1785221 Rarity is an intelligent Lady and one who I think has an eye for detail in life and in work. I love writing her. Thank you for the kind words!


Seeking Beauty by Donny's Boy ships Rarity and Pinkie - and does a really good job of it. I never thought I'd see it (let alone ship it, even if only for the length of one fic) so it was a surprise to me, too. Just thought I'd mention it randomly :derpytongue2:

1785931 I quite plan to! I'll probably be working on the update/finale either tomorrow or Thursday.

Many Fanfic authors are unable to capture Rarity's character without her coming across as shallow, fewer still are able to make a fic with her as a main character interesting. You don't seem to share this problem. You not only were able to capture Rarity exceedingly well, but you were able to keep me enthralled in the chapter all of the way through.

In fact, I eagerly await more.


Seriously, Ender's Game is in my top three best books ever, it's so great!

1785958 Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad she comes across correctly. :3

Rarity is the most fun to write, for me. She is wonderfully complex and full of promise for the writer.

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