Applejack is old. Age has taken much from her. It has worn down her joints and muddied her memories, but it has not yet bowed her proud head, nor has it taken away her great heart. When a sick colt has only one hope, Applejack knows what she must do.

Though much is taken, much abides, and so Applejack must walk the trails through the Everfree alone one more time.

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First! Sorry, i had to. I have NEVER been the first on anything online.
Now to read ^-^

This was really good and a little Sad.
This was a perfect story to start my day Thank you so much.

Bought near gave me a heart attack,

Generally written as 'bout, being an abbreviation of 'about'.

The prose jumps between past and present tense a few times.

Also, I have a potentially story-breaking question to ask... Wouldn't they have carved a road through the Everfree Forest by now?

Good story, though.

I liked this. You showed that even though the Mane 6 are the heroes, heroes age just like the rest of us. Well done.

half expected applejack to die in her sleep before honeycrisp left. =/

7728007 lol congrats xD

7728099 One does not just carve a road through the Everfree forest!

7728146 I suppose you're right.

They'd pave it.

7728151 *Glares at intensely*

Personally, in my own sort of headcanon... thing, I imagine the Everfree forest as some sort of... semi-sapient thing that would get really pissed off and wreck your shit if you tried to pave a road through it.

Oh yeah, on a side note, this story was friggin great.

7728154 I'm just going to point out that the Castle of the Two Sisters used to be the main seat of government in Equestria.

One does not simply not have a road to the castle.

7728158 ...The forest is like, the world's biggest moat.

7728165 ...

I won't say headcanon accepted, but I will say that's a concept I could see working in a slightly absurd fic.

Good talk. I think we both learned something.

7728158 according to the supplemental book, the journal of the two sisters, it was more like a summer home. Canterlot was long the home of the Alicorns, including Celestia and Luna, before the newly formed three-tribe Equestria came to be.

Not that you ever fail to impress, but your interjected one-liners were particularly spot on in this piece. That's not the best description of the lines I mean but it'll do for now. Like:

Applejack did not let herself be relieved. Relief was complacency, and she would not be complacent.

That's just a damned good pair of sentences right there. They pop out, shine a bit to make everything else look even better, then get right back on with life.

7728158 I agree, actually.

I guess I could have stuck a few hundred words in here to clarify but I figured it would come across with talk of ruins and shifting paths--the forest took it all back. You could probably find the old road, but it would be hard to follow.

7728166 slightly asurb fic? shall i remind you what is needed to bind the everfree? literally the most powerful thing we know of in the world of equestria needs to sit there.

as for building stuff, i am pretty sure it is relatively safe t obuild or live at the epicenter of the the tree's influence..

Good story.

7728910 That was always my take on it. 1000 years is a long time, just look at Pripyat and it's only be 30 year and nature is doing a very good job of taking it all back.

This is why I followed you.

7728154 on a side note huh? xD... an di actually think you're right. i agree that the everfree is semi-sapient.

7728166 that was an interesting back and forth... xD you two should do that more often.

7728951 eye of the storm. and it seems far as we know- only the star spiders have ever entered the old castle

Story title made me think of this:

7729895 I love that series, and that scene right there is a not inconsiderable part of why.

It does seem to apply, though, doesn't it?

This was an enjoyable, if slightly melancholy story. Thank you Cyne!


I imagine the Everfree forest as some sort of... semi-sapient thing that would get really pissed off and wreck your shit if you tried to pave a road through it.


I will say that's a concept I could see working in a slightly absurd fic.


an di actually think you're right. i agree that the everfree is semi-sapient.


Heh heh heh...
Oh the irony...



I will PM you.

First of all, whatever I say next: I liked the story. Well-written, nice and melancholy.

That said, I do have a few issues, pretty much all relating to mechanics. There are jumps between past and present tense. Applejack wouldn't be caught dead using the word "prognosis". The town is Green Hill at the beginning and Greenhill at the end. The amount and position of whitespace between line breaks. These are all very minor issues, I admit, but they take me out of the story and keep me from enjoying it as much as I could have.

Still, overall, very good.

This is excellent. It's realistic, desperate and sad in the way all of us fret about older relatives. Once or twice I thought they wouldn't make it. Glad they did. Favorited.

7732195 if you like this, might I recommend Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path".

Another good one.

Thinking of these characters without each other in old age makes me really sad.

I agree that AJ and twilight will be lost. Twilight because of the whole demigoddess thing, and AJ because she'll just keep on going.

Great story, I'll say. Mighty powerful message there :ajsmug:

I do believe the father is rainbow, though. Because AppleDash and magic shenanigans. No other reasons needed. :raritystarry:
That or Soarin. But then it wouldn't be as cute. :duck:

Oh goodness gracious. I had been sucked in from your "Exit Interview" story and started poking around. Jeez louise, you are one of those people it seems. One of those dastardly writers whose every sentence can strike a chord in my heart :raritydespair:

....time to go and read some more of your stuff I guess. :trollestia:
I am a glutton for a good dose of feels.

Also, more specific comment other than "muh feelz!". I really liked this story a lot, and like the other one it gives me this uncanny feeling of wanting more.

It's perfectly compartmentalized and an amazing oneshot, but I just got a small whiff of the setting and I am hooked. I wish I could know more. New ponyville, when did Twilight pick up glasses, how many and what other events had passed, how about the Crusaders, how's everyone coping/coped with their dearly departed that we all knew and loved so much?

It's really thought provoking. It really hits that bittersweet combination of feeling of having a rich setting and a well thought out universe that the story feels fuller, but without being a saga of which I can continue to immerse myself. It's like an extraordinarily fine dessert, the kind you can't just get anytime you want it. 15/10 would read more.

7869969 Might I recommend you the story that partially inspired this one? A Worn Path, by Eudora Welty, who lived not that far from where I live now.

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