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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'. Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date. Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.


Rainbow Dash is accepted into the Wonderbolts, and everypony congratulates her on her accomplishment. But with a six-month training camp ahead of the pegasus, a certain unicorn realizes that her time to make a move is running out- and running out quick.

Title picture is from RecycleTiger over on deviantArt: http://recycletiger.deviantart.com/

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So good.


The Egghead’s Guide to Matchmaking - Fillyfoolers edition - For Prudes.

Best. Book. Ever.

I'm sad this isn't being continued, because I found myself really WANTING to know what happened next. I did find it curious how you put the confession after we knew that they would already wind up together. Given that the drama of the piece comes from Rarity trying to confess to Rainbow Dash, I don't think that was a smart choice. Killed the tension for me.

But still, you did a great job, and I can't wait to read more from you.

i want to read it but i need sleep so now hard way to decied sleep or awesome story :derpyderp1:

Absolutely loved it! Only complaint is that the sudden jaunt in time was REALLY sudden, but I think that was the point...

And wow, that was a mixed ending if I ever heard one :rainbowwild:

This is one of the greatest things I have ever read. Fabulous, just fabulous! :raritystarry::rainbowdetermined2:

This story was written on commission from a brony who wanted only two things. The first being that it is a Raridash in which the relationship is short term yet romantic, and the second that it would end on a happy note for Dash. The time jump, I find, was necessary to play with the emotions of whom the story was written for- to play with their expectations as well as the general public. In that, the story is a little... self aware of what it's trying to accomplish.

That said, I'm not sure if I'd change it anyway. After detailing that they are together, the story continues for awhile- just a short bit, so I allow the reader to start to wonder what else needs to be said, and that's how I want to pull you into the end. I apologize if that didn't work as well as I might have hoped.:twilightblush:

Amazing story, but towards the end I got really confused. I probably missed something.

Someone should write "The Egghead’s Guide to Matchmaking - Fillyfoolers edition"

And "The Egghead’s Guide to Matchmaking - Fillyfoolers edition - For Prudes." On this site..I would read tottally read them :twilightsheepish:


The ending was a little depressing...:fluttercry: But all and all, great story.:pinkiesad2:

I never thought to see a RareDash (?) ship... personally, i'm all for the Spike and Rarity ship (i like having the good guy win.) But... this was done so well, quite eloquently, i must say. The characters were well done, the plot flowed easily. I just have one question:

Why can't I have more... now...

well, it took long enough for a RariDash/Rainity fic to appear.

I'm trying to write one, but... I'm trying to not have it be a fic where one already has feelings.

I loved this. When it got to the point where it said Rarity kissed Dash, I was a bit confused. Until it made it to the part when it explained all that. I must say, this is well thought-out and written quite nicely. Great job! :D

Sorry it took me so long to read this. Always nice to see a sweet shipfic from you, Hyde.

Best RarixDash I've ran into yet. :ajsmug:

was thoroughly confused when you jumped ahead like that but upon realizing the trick I loved it.

And hello, impossible pairing. Hot damn, this fic was gorgeous. I'd actually specifically sought out RariDash fics because the two have so far spent little screentime alone together. I figured it'd be fun to see how the authors wrote the two interacting together, let alone entering a committed relationship with each other. And... gotta say, I'm impressed. Applause to you for this story.

Wow, that was actually really cute. I'm not a fan of this paring (I wasn't a fan of any paring, but somehow Appledash made me like it, somehow), but you made me enjoy the story (Rarity's drama made me lol). It was well written and everyone was in character, nice job :pinkiehappy:

just gotta say i love your descriptive language, it feels refreshing and you don't use descriptions we've heard a hundred billion times before, except for speedster but i'll never get tired of dash being called that. i also love the non-conventional story structure, very original. overall this story i deemed interesting enough to earn you a watch. don't let me down. you also seem to be a fan of rare ship i.e. this one which i love reading.

i had a few things I'd like to point out. 1. when spike shows up at rarity's you wrote her when you meant he, also shortly there was this line "I lady always keeps her word." that doesn't make sense really, i'd change the i to an a if possible. those were the only grammar mistakes i found but there was one more thing. the way at the end when rainbow just totally goes with rarity didn't sit right with me, especially since she spent the entire time suspecting the worst and while i realise that it could be her realising since it wasn't a huge deal it's all ok now might have been the case but there was no indication what-so-ever that she would take it the way she did. i just wish we had a segment from her perspective about that point or maybe even a sequel.

but don't feel like i'm negatively criticising you, i enjoyed reading every paragraph, it was a jem of a ship and one i havn't seen before. i look forward to any and all story's you write in the future. you have made me a fan

Really loved the build up to the climax in this story. Liked how you time jumped then went back and explained it. Lovely one-shot.

Within the limitations of the commission, this piece is well done. The time jump was confusing at first, until I read past it and realized where it was headed. Otherwise I can buy it. Nicely written.

god so many d'awww !i go for appledash but raridash too so i still go for two! :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug::heart::rainbowlaugh: and :raritystarry::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

Weeeeeee this was so awesome! :D
Nicely done man, nicely done! I loved how this went.

I got a little confused in the middle of it though, but I still loved how this went!
Good job!

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