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Whenever Ponyville needs a hero, Rainbowdash is on it. Sometimes, however, Rainbow needs one herself. Rarity might not know how to be one, but she has to try.

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I suppose I've read worse stories.

D'aw, it's a shame people don't do more RariDash.

Except for a few errors, really nice. I always like a good ending to that awful episode.
RariDash isn't the most common pairing but it's sweet. So yeah, have a thumbs up.

1016543 I don't think what I said was rude at all.


No, it definitely came across as rude. Sounded like someone forced you at gunpoint to give the most grudging not-technically-an-insult in the world.

Short and not overly sweet; I found it an enjoyable quickie between reading longer stories. I'm keen to see what you write next! :twilightsmile:

Big thing: "Rainbowdash" should be "Rainbow Dash"
Minor thing: "whether shift" should be "weather shift"

Might've been a few other minor errors in there, but nothing story-ruining. I only remembered "whether shift" because it was right near the end.

1034507 Thanks for the feedback! Both should be fixed. I'm not sure why I thought Rainbow Dash was one word, but I guess it just means I haven't read enough stories on here.

That was a sweet read, thank you for that.
You explored a romance, without any of that shit people love to throw in, and I like you for that.

That was nice. Have you submitted this to a shipping group?

“That is hardly a polite question to ask, Rinbowdash.

Rainbow Dash.
And remember, Mysterious Mare Do Well should have all words capitalized.


Fixed. I also added the story to the shipping group, which feels really weird. It forces me to face the fact that I shipped ponies. Anyways, thanks for the advice.

I wish there were more Rarity shippings.

Thank you for writing.

This is probably getting featured.


One of the easiest? How so? (Curiosity)

You're not too familiar with the Lying Applejack picture, are you?

1596952 why do you have you lie?

Discord powers.
We'll have to mind rape Aden to correct the issue. :coolphoto:

But seriously, like Rain, this is a nice, sweet, and to-the-point story. This is the sort of stuff I originally read MLP fanfiction for. Well, this and stuff like It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door.

1652281 i agree on both acounts. it's really good story.

I like it! Well, obviously, but there's a reason. You captured a moment, just one moment, and managed to make it feel like what it is--something to remember, but not something tied down to what's around it. The thing about moments, you see, is that they don't have to be burdened with other moments. They can stand alone, and you made one that does just that.

Aw, cute! Its true how Dash and Rarity are actually a lot more similar than people may think. Short, sweet and hints at enough to satisfy the inner shipper - nice job :pinkiehappy:

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