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My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


Applejack reached up with a fore hoof to touch the brim of her hat. It was habitual, almost unconscious. She could feel, nestled safely underneath the hat, her two most precious treasures--a single blue feather and a small snippet of purple mane.

They were precious, more precious than anything besides her family and her farm, because they were only pieces of them she'd ever have.

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That awkward moment when I can't drop everything and read this.

Tracking so I don't forget...

Hm. Commence read.

hmmmmm :moustache:

Sounds like a sad romance fic where Applejack is split between loving Dashie & Rarity, and it's unrequited in both cases... :fluttershysad:

:flutterrage: I will track down whoever downvoted this fic and murder them. Like, legit.
This story was/is amazing! You should be proud, dude, for writing something this awesome! :rainbowkiss: I hope it gets featured. It totes deserves it.

This was beautiful. Anymore said would ruin it.

That beginning was terribly sad. I'm glad they all had a happy ending though. Lovely work.

All those scent spoke, instead, of a pony who thirsted for danger and lusted for speed.

Should it be scents?

She almost felt sick to her stomach from the intensity of it all, and she was not a pony with a naturally weak constitution

Period at the end.

Ahhh, always a pleasure to read your stories, DB. I wasn't expecting this idea...but it was amazingly well done. Kudos.

What the Deuce!?

I applaud you again Donny's Boy, for doing the impossible, making me like a bit of RariJack:pinkiegasp:

Now where be the sole AppleDash story you should write?:pinkiehappy:

Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seatbelts; we will be landing in Feature Box soon where the weather is clear at a pleasant 67 degrees Farenheit. 1770472, please prepare the cabin for arrival.


we will be landing in Feature Box soon where the weather is clear at a pleasant 67 degrees Farenheit

I do believe you mean the weather is quite shitty up there, what with Rapetrain-express, another talent-less Nyx fic, and some other crap.

1770708 LMAO. All I can think of is "CHOO-CHOO MUTHAFUCKA"

Will read later.
[Edit] Hah, I love it when I guess the title song correctly. Oh wait, this is the first time I've ever done that. :facehoof: I can wait for the next story, but please don't make me wait too long.

Very poetic. Very beautiful. And refreshing to see a fic about a three-way relationship where the drama comes from something completely other than the fact that it is a three-way relationship.

On an impressive note, there isn't any dialogue in this until Movement III. That takes some guts.

Ooooh. This was good. The emotions, the importance of those scents - and the descriptions!, the tension and the solution which, for all of its inevitability, did not feel forced at all.

:duck: :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss:

This was quite nice. Open up with a bit of nice angst and then seamlessly transition into a lovely happy ending for all of them.

It's interesting to note that you have basically completely altered my opinion of RariDashJack. I used to consider it a very risky ship which had absolutely no chance of success. I like all of its component parts to some degree, but I felt that you were just putting too many strong personalities together for it to work out by making it into a threesome. It's hard enough to balance Dash and Rarity, adding AJ into the mix just seemed like a recipe for disaster.

But while I still don't think it's the easiest ship to pull off, you have succeeded in convincing me it's actually a very workable and valid ship. Most of the things I like about the pairings of which it is composed can actually be preserved and the threesome adds this really unique and lovely dynamic to their interaction where there's this constantly shifting web of "alliances", so to speak. Rainbow realizing that approach A will pit her against both Rarity and AJ and therefore deciding to go for approach B to get AJ on her side was one of my favorite parts of this story. So yeah, nice work.

it is Hauntingly sad into happily content. Though i got a knife to my heart with the Line "Rarity was dying" right at a down swinging transition, took a bit to recover but it was worth it in the end, that particular line turned into a nice plot turner. :twilightblush:

The love triangle in this was really amusing with the fact that each of the two after AJ could only smell the scent of the other on her, when in fact she had both of their scents on her. That was an interestingly deceptive little note. :twilightsmile:

The resolution of the "Where is home?" line was a lovely bit as well, especially since it's resolution was actually answered by the one person who was not asked the question.

It leaves me calm and still slightly sad from all the down swing, but content with the happy new beginning.

I see that the story can be reformed into a longer one just by placing events into the over-arch of the story above.

It was good even if i am left a bit off sorted by the time lapsing, i can sense the emotion involved in said time lapses, just wish i could have seen that emotional development, but sometimes the things left unsaid are just as important as the ones that were.

Thanks for another interesting read Donny's Boy. :twilightsmile:

Nice work Donny.

Great work. Loved the dynamics, the issues arising from the fears of confessing the truth, it's a classic and you've played it well here. I was also interested in seeing how Rairty and Rainbow's relationship changed as they tried to cling onto what gave them life. You wrapped things up ever nicely too, with some nice weight of emotion. Didn't devolve into fluffiness, which was great. All in all, very fun read, well done.

Alt. Title: Wrong, Lóng, Song

This is a masterpiece.

Supertramp lead in followed by excellent applecentric fic? I think I can offer you at least two bags of internets for this...

I entered with eyebrows narrowed suspiciously.
I left nodding in approval.

I loved it! it was absolutely adorable :trollestia:

Breakfast in America was/is a fantastic album. I shall read this later :pinkiehappy: .

I'll be honest, I'm getting tired of F/F ships and I HATE RariJack
But I thought this was pretty well done, so you get an upvote. :twilightblush:

what can i say? i really hate appledash with a fiery passion but considering its you Donny's Boy i make an exception since Applejack chose to be with both Dash and Rarity that was an interesting idea. now do a three way with Fluttershy/Twilight/Pinkie now that would be awesome.

1770472 Gah! The nostalgia. It hurts... :pinkiesad2:

A great piece of writing, great job. :twilightsmile:

With all you guys posting songs, I'm obliged to follow.

(Intermezzo I ~ III)

1771752 Scape Sad is most beautiful and nostalgic track. I go to the wilderness ruins just to relive it... :pinkiesad2:

1770708 encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmGid3s16LorPyVlOSEkF8ws18cXJ8F3Weep6gzGoaPNmURBUfmw

RealityCheck is an author who has real talent, ESPECIALLY WHEN WRITING STORIES INVOLVING NYX!

1772052 I'm sorry, this is where I say fuck you.

Nyx sucks. Realitycheck sucks for writing about Nyx.

1772069 encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmGid3s16LorPyVlOSEkF8ws18cXJ8F3Weep6gzGoaPNmURBUfmw

The only reason you hate Nyx is because she's an alicorn OC! THAT SHOULD NOT BE REASON ENOUGH TO DISLIKE SOMETHING WITHOUT GIVING IT A FAIR CHANCE!:twilightangry2::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

Seriously, people who dislike stories for that reason make me have this reaction: dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Twilight_crazy.png

1772114 You have no idea. I tried to read Past Sins. I really did. About halfway through, I realized Nyx is just like every other alicorn OC out there, just better written. Pen Stroke is an amazing author, but Nyx sucks. Also, ol' Penny is an EqD fellating whorecake.

1772126 encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmGid3s16LorPyVlOSEkF8ws18cXJ8F3Weep6gzGoaPNmURBUfmw If you are just on this website so you can be a troll, THEN GET OUT! YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF TAKING THE MORAL HIGH ROAD AND SIMPLY IGNORING WHAT YOU DISLIKE! BY TROLLING, YOU ARE SIMPLY DISPLAYING YOUR OWN IMMATURITY!

I shall have real replies soon--and thanks for the kind words, all--but in the interim:

Please take this conversation somewhere else. If you have something you'd like to say, pro or con, regarding "Past Sins" and other stories set in its 'verse (as well as those stories' authors), please do so on those stories' pages or on your own blogs. I'll delete any further comments that don't relate to this story.

Absolutely beautiful.

I liked the story - it deserves its spot in the feature box.

Also, whilst I agree with Regidar that some of the stuff in the feature box is overrated (Likeupvotes en masse for things like twilight alicorn) this isn't a discussion for them. The PM system exists if you genuinely want to make a point, if not, leave it.

I might offer some critique in the morning - tired now. Thanks for writing!


And people wonder why I run a script to disable the feature box...

On the fic's end, Donny's Boy, it was a pretty good read, although I'm not a huge fan of Applejack being characterized as so passive as all that.

1772340 I know, right?

Fantastic job. You should continue it.

1770472 Ahh Runescape... That brings back memories...

1772643 It's a great game... been playing on and off since 2007.

1772126 I hate alicorn OCs as much as you do, but I'm writing a story with one in it so I have to disagree that they all suck. Spose you have to PM me if you have a rebuttal, but I sense you aren't just a troll soooo...

Wait, this comment actually had a purpose: Why the hell was Nyx even mentioned in this story? I need to read it, but it looks good and I just need to know that first.

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