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This is Loleus and you're watching Disney Channel · 7:50pm Apr 6th, 2013

Alternate title is "Upcoming Stories and Updates," by the way.

Last update: 10/21/13

I've compiled a list of stories that I'll write in the future as well as stories that I'm still writing. And...y'know, an announcement that Need Not A Knight is possibly going to have another chapter but the wait will take a while.

Future stories


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When the snow melts what does it become?

That... avatar... too much... HHNNNGHNGHHGNNGH :pinkiegasp: Did you draw that?

Well it still does mean a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

150530 Well, you did mention that pairing, so I had to immediately check your page. I was not disappointed! :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the fave on 'Always connected' :pinkiehappy:

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