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Well, I guess this is a good a place as any to post this, so I might as well.
Hello FreezingShock! Remember me? I was the guy that you recommended The Games We Play to.
Anyway, I have come here with a request. I have read your tumblr about leaving, which makes this a bit awkward, but I would like to at least try.
I have written my first story, and I would very much be honored if you could read it and give me your thougths on it before I post it onto FimFiction.
I have always had you in high regards as to your taste in Fiction, as you've introduced me to some of my to this day favourite fics, and would quite simply love to know what you think about my humble first attempt.
I don't know if you have the time to do it (the story clocks in at about 7 000 words, so it's not that much time requirement), or if you will even ever read this, but if you do, and if you want to, I would be very glad if you could write me back.


Dear FreezingShock,

I will be glad to help you with getting rid of these notifications plaguing your comment section as I did come to your profile page with a message to deliver. I am just posting this message to inform you that I have just recently uploaded my blog, the Pre and Post Season 3 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Opinion Game - Part 2! As you were one of the participants in the first part of the game, I feel it right to inform you of its update, in case you with to also participate in the second part, and list how your various opinion lists have changed over the course of season 3.

Once again I would like to say thank you for your participation in part 1 and hope to see you involved with part 2 as well (of course if you don’t wish to or have the time then I can perfectly understand). Cheerio. :twilightsmile:

If you're wondering what the mass deletion is for, I was trying to clean up my profile page. I then realized it didn't actually remove any comments, it simply replaced them with these notifications. So I stopped doing it, which is why page 2 remains untouched. :/

Anyway, feel free to comment and help me get rid of all these ugly notifications.

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