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Donnys Boy

My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


She never expected to see a golden chariot flying over Ponyville. She never expected just how much her life would change. She never expected Twilight Sparkle … and Twilight Sparkle most certainly never expected Pinkie Pie.

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I see you're taking a foray into "the ship most likely to result in a thermonuclear disaster".

Your Twipie shipping feels like a twinkie to me.

I want it, and it tastes delicious, but I feel as though it's unhealthy for me.

I don't ship, so gaaaaah, this story. :(



No regrets.

May be featured, I have a good eye for this kinda stuff.

Oh, Donny's Boy, it's here, it's here! Your multichapter TwiPie is here! :pinkiehappy::heart::twilightsmile:

And I love how this works, with different pieces of the puzzle throughout the show's run. How we see things we've seen before from different eyes — Pinkie's perspective on "Winter Wrap-Up", Lyra and Bon-Bon's perspective on "Feeling Pinkie Keen" — and how we see new things, like what Pinkie was doing moments before being the first Ponyville pony Twilight meets. The collective perspective of Ponyville itself was an interesting touch, unusual but effective.

I look forward to seeing what other episodes this touches on; there are some obvious suspects, but I'm certain you will surprise me with others. I also can't wait to see what other perspectives we get a chance to view Twilight and Pinkie's relationship with.

"Caring so deeply about figuring out what makes Pinkie Pie tick that she’d play anthropologist."

Given the origin and meaning of that word, I have some trouble with it showing up in Equestria at all, but I used to fast-forward through The Wonder Years looking for anachronisms, so I'm not surprised that this jumped out at me.

Still, if that's the only complaint I can make about a story - and so far it is - I'm in for a good time, so up goes the thumb. And that bit about how Ponyville knows its own, even before the new arrivals do - that's just flat wonderful.

Good storytelling. Not necessarily one of my top shippings, but, I can see myself being interested in this.

Hmm...intriguing to say the least. Twi-Pie is not something I get to read every day. Must track.

...um, the part with the Winter Wrap-Up song is when Twilight sings the Winter Wrap-Up song. During the episode "Winter Wrap-Up." This story is jumping to different points in time, exploring Twilight and Pinkie's relationship from different points of view.

YES. Donny's Boy doing a TwiPie story following the relationship through the canon show? MANY YES.:pinkiehappy:

What what what? Twinkie? Donny's Boy?

Me gusta. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Well, perhaps Bon Bon picked up the word from Lyra.

As for whether it gets featured, honestly I stopped caring about making the feature box once getting there became as much a matter of following whatever fad was popular that week as it was quality writing.

It's a decent story with an interesting opening; curious to see where it goes from there.

More TwiPie from Donny? Even though it's after 4 A.M. and I'm about to go to bed, it's taking an awful lot of willpower to not read this right now.

I wonder if the references to Rainbow Dash is to set up a triangle later or just to show that she wanted to be friends and Rainbow is special for that to be best friends (hence the later episode dealing with it). Kind of depends on what kind of story this is going to be.

Nopony expects the Pieish Pinquisition! :pinkiegasp:

TwiPie is not one of my prime ships, but I really like what you're doing with the story. There's a similar... fragility... to both Pinkie and Twilight, a loneliness and difficulty to fit in that they share. I'm curious to see how this story will progress from here on!


theres never enough of this pairing

You know the few paragraphs that had the explanation of how ponyville residents know their own and how they knew Twilight must be one of their own? That had me steadily laughing louder with each word until I was literally roaring with laughter, beating on the table, while reading it out loud. That was pure genius, thank you for coming up with that gem. :pinkiehappy:

I was a little disappointed that it's just been following the cannon story so far, but it's the first chapter so I figure it's just setting the stage as it were. It also lost me when talking about Twilight not "understanding" at the party while staring at Pinky. What wasn't she understanding exactly? It goes to the whole Pinky sense thing after that, but I'm not sure if that's necessarily what it was referring to since chronological order got a little skewed in some places.

838387 Last story I predicted was featured, but I might not be wrong this time, just wait and see!

Oh this shall be good me thinks! lol looking forward to more!


838387 You're trying to apply logic to a crowd song. It doesn't matter where Pinkie is physically, when the song is going on everypony knows how it is being sung and what part of the song they are in. It's a magic all its own. Suspend your disbelief a little, you do it for the show don't you?

Heeeeeeello and welcome, everyone. :twilightsmile: This is my first crack at writing a multi-chaptered TwiPie story, so I guess we'll see how it goes!

Thanks so much for the comments and kind words. It's always nerve-wracking posting a new story, and I'm very pleased that many of you seem to like what I've got so far.

HA. A thermonuclear disaster of AWESOMENESS, you mean. :raritywink:

Shipping is magic, Obs! Do not fight it! (Hee.)

Heh, thanks for the vote of confidence ... but, it's funny, every single time someone has said that about one of my stories, that story has never been featured. It's almost like a jinx. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, Krizak! Especially good to hear your thoughts on the puzzle pieces aspect of the story and the shifting perspectives--it's kinda something new I'm playing around with.

I didn't mean to ruin the specialness of "Winter Wrap-Up" but had been hoping to add some extra perspective to it. I'm sorry if the main effect, though, was to ruin that very lovely musical number from the show. (And as a few others have mentioned, this scene in the story is actually set during that musical number--which is, as best I can determine, the first time Twilight sings in the show.)

And yes, I doubt it will get featured, as well. But that's okay.

Oh, I'm so glad you liked that part! I almost took it out, and now I'm happy I left it in. And there will be much of the story that deviates from the canon episodes in later chapters, I promise.

840107 Never read it, just guessed.

840107 I think what is always meant by that is that it should be featured. You write some of the best ships in this fandom Donny.

I like that you're following the series to show the development of their relationship. I also really liked that you're using different perspectives, too. I am curious though, to see how closely you stick to canon and whether or not your gonna wander away from it as the story goes on.
Overall, enjoyable read. :pinkiehappy:

It's decent. A little disjointed and not always easy to place what's happening if you haven't seen the episodes in question recently (okay, most of them gave me no real trouble but I had to actually google dialogue to place "griffon a brush off" so I could figure out what Twilight was wrong about) but your characterization and dialogue are pretty good.

Aww, thanks. I'm honored that you think so. :twilightsmile:

There shall be wandering away later on, but I'm glad that you like the inclusion of canon thus far. Thanks!

Sorry 'bout that. I'll try to make the future chapters a little less disorienting in that respect.

New Donny's Boy multi-chapter story?! Be still, my heart!

Also, Bon-Bon is totally a metaphor for this fandom, isn't she? Haha. Not looking at anyone in particular... :trollestia:

Seriously, I am looking forward to this one. I am a big fan of your longer stories. Always have been. And this one is looking promising so far. Keep up the great work, and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Ha! If I'm being honest, Bon Bon is a metaphor for me. Also, I just liked the idea of Romantic Bon Bon playing off of Skeptical Lyra.

And thanks! As per usual, I shall endeavor to not suck! :twilightsmile:

844352 Pfft. You never suck. Sucking is something I am yet to see you do, so lets up that goal, shall we? :pinkiehappy: Let's aim to be awesome instead. Rainbow would approve! :D

Also, Donny's Boy is best Bon-Bon. Just saying. :rainbowlaugh:

838387 Wasn't.... Winter Wrap-Up before the Gala?

I think the first thing that hit me about this one was that Pinkie Pie knows, with no self delusion, that most of the ponies at her party don't like her - or at least, they don't really want anything to do with her. The fact she knows that and still keeps trying says a lot, to me; she's throwing parties, and she wants people to like her, but she doesn't throw parties because she wants people to like her. That's probably obvious, but I still love it: She wants them to be happy no matter what, but she really, really wants them to be happy with her. It made me think about the start of A Friend In Deed, where she knows all there is to know about everybody - all I can picture now is her learning all these things, memorising them, caring about these people - and everyone just shunning her. Except Rarity. Rarity is awesome. And that's both horrible and amazing. Well done, sir.

The second thing I notice is you teasing me with RainbowPie that won't happen. Why do you insist on hurting me with your wonderful, wonderful stories, Donny's Boy? Is it because you hate me? Me, specifically? It is, isn't it?

Seriously though, the RainbowPie hints were excellent. And they made me very sad. :ajsleepy:

I also like Pinkie's reaction to Twilight and Spike. 'Yep. Feels important - friend time!' It's very Pinkie, and it's also kind of adorable and sad. Well done. I think my favourite part of this chapter might be the musing about Twi being destined for Ponyville, because it's so clearly true - Ponyville is a town of mad, mad, mad ponies. Awesome ponies. But mad ponies. And I can totally see them being able to peg the ones who'll stay. Heck, I bet Pinkie does it for them - she didn't rush to go greet Trixie, or the Flim Flam brothers, or any of the other one off ponies. Clearly, the welcome wagon is to be used only on permanent residents. :pinkiehappy:

The whole Twilight reflecting scene is great, not just because it gives us some insight into Twilight but because - to my mind, at least - it draws a lot of parallels between them. It shows us that deep down, her biggest fear - even beyond not being seen as smart all the time, which made me giggle - is disappointing and hurting the ponies she loves. And those are, I think, the same things Pinkie Pie fears more than any other. Pinkie Pie is afraid of it because she's never really had friends, and she's scared the ones she has will leave her. Twilight...is scared of pretty much the same thing. Do correct me if I'm wrong, though - just how I read it. I like it. A lot.

"Pith helmets are totally romantic." had me laughing for about five minutes. I don't even know why. It was just hysterical - the whole scene was funny, but that's what made it for me. Love it.

And that last section? ...
It was perfect and amazing and I'm not sorry for a second that this isn't RainbowPie.

But don't tell anyone.

The last section was amazing though - I have to admit, I never really considered how much our dear Pink Pony would empathize with the song, and the meaning behind it. You pulled it off perfectly, and my hat is off to you good sir.

I look forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Aww, thanks for another one of your in-depth reviews! I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far, heretic TwiPie though it is. And you are not wrong. For the record. :twilightsmile:

Well now, things are moving into uncharted territory and it's looking awesome. I like how you made the inner group dynamics a little turbulent between some characters. It really made them feel alive and like you can identify with them as people more. Also, that whole train ride back from Canterlot where Twilight cries? That was some seriously powerful stuff right there. Especially with how you described it's significance from Spikes point of view. An inspired approach to that scene. :twistnerd:

Only criticism I can think of is that the Bachelor party scene didn't feel as fleshed out as the rest of it. As in, why were they having it in Ponyville? Aside from the start you only talked about the gals, so I'm left wondering if Shining Armor was even there? I figured it was a mechanic to get the group out drinking but it still left me confused after that delivery.

Something tells me there shall be repercussions! Good chapter though. Fluid time skips and what not. Good job, :eeyup:

This was a great chapter. I always love me some drunk ponies and I like the way you wrote Dash's thoughts, she would consider a pony standing next to her as "basking in her awesomeness." :rainbowdetermined2:

Drunk Twi is.......rather funny to try and picture in my mind's eye as well as try to give the dialog her voice as she talks in fluent Drunkenese as one would put it.

Also the chapter was quite good even if I have to keep remembering that the things do jump from situation to situation at times, perfectly fine mind you just need to change gears in my head from my normal thought processes when I read this. Fun though since hey change is good ^w^, keep up the good work.

Oh and I praaaayyyyy that Twi doesn't completely forget what happened and a bunch of drama comes of this due to her trying to rationalize what she did away as her only being drunk.......I don't know if I could handle seeing Pinkie get sad like that T^T. Well that and I'm pretty sure Dash would try to give Twi's face the most painful make over ever if it happened.....emphasis on try though cause not sure if she would go through with it or be able to do so.

Now that is some quality work. Good perspectives, strong emotions, and lines that bring tears. This is exactly what I hoped for in this project.

Too much sweetness. SQUIRMING, AHH. Tooooo cute.

867099 Nah, nothing can hurt Twilight. Physically, that is. After all, she has magic to defend herself. She shot freakin laser beams in the season 2 finale. :twilightsheepish:

Good, very good, however I did find one error: "and it hurt that you girls wouldn’t trust you and hear you out."

That was rather random, somewhat. XD
I always figured Pinkie would taste like sugar however.

Wholly unexpected, but entirely appropriate: Dash reading Twilight the Equestrian equivalent of the Riot Act.

I remember, many years ago, having somehow persuaded those around me that I was some sort of capital-B Brain. And yet somehow I earned at least my share, maybe more, of "Are you really that … that stupid?" Because, you know, there were times when I was.

Switching POV's this time? I like it! Also looks like you're deviating from the usual ship fic construction a little here, which I am also enjoying. Something fresh with a good group dynamic. Very nice.

Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

I don't...
I don't-...

I don't even wat.

I absolutely love the way that you worked your way through the two seasons of the show to show the development of the characters and their views on one another. You did a great job of showing the developing feelings between Pinkie and Twi. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

You're one of the few authors that can pull off drunk without being annoying- I dunno what it is. Could be because she sounds so real, and not so forced drunk. Her way of thinking and stuff were still there, and it made it cute and funny. I can't explain it.
Good job! I'm- curious to see what will happen now.

You write a great drunk Twilight. "That's logic!" :facehoof::twilightblush:

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