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Growing Harmony · 3:30am May 3rd, 2020

The saga of Doug Apple and his merry herd continues in Growing Harmony. Here's a rundown of the various characters and ways the setting might be different from canon:

Spoilers below!

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God bless you! God loves you, yes, now and forever.

Wanted to personally say I love this series. It's amazing and I only read the first year so far. But wanted to voice how much I liked it before starting the next! Will be bach when done!

DG have you ever thought about starting a group for the AU that you've made. Just an idea bc you may have the next YHaY-verse or FoE-verse etc. I mean obviously it's not like those but who knows maybe there are ppl who have written or will write stories that are set in your AU.

I was refering to the fact that Curtain Call takes place 6 yrs later in 1000 D.S. so it basically seems like it just jumps right past yrs 2-7......i mean you got Lemon and Apple Baum and AJs colt and theres mention of another foal......they just suddenly appear

Later edit: i just realized in Yr 1 that it has a chapter called epilogue- 6 yrs later i havent read it yet...still have 1 chapter to go before it...so ill see what you meant in just a little bit

So, AB:Y1 ended with much more jarringly, where they discovered, just then, that the foals had trouble with their magic, and might never get a cutie mark. Very similar to the bittersweet of AB:TFY, but without the uplifting speech or commitment to not let low magic stop them. As you keep reading through AB:2-7, you may notice something about those final chapters...

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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