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I love Anime, Pokemon (pm me to exchange Friend codes), RPG and adventure games, and Season 5 episode 18 MIGHT have altered my opinion of Diamond Tiara....a little.


Just For Fun · 12:22am Mar 16th, 2018

I just came across this while looking through Youtube and wanted to share it :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the watch!

Thanks for the faves and the watch:twilightsmile:

I'm guessing you missed it, but that whole reincarnation thing was a huge mess that got me a lot of hate from readers who didn't like it one bit. So I changed things to meet demand. I will say that there is a reincarnation thing at work, but it's a long way before it comes out, at the very least after Discord's arc.

Thanks for the fav for Harem Boy Equestria Girls Edition

Thank you very much for the following. :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 72 - 76 of 76
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