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Derpy-Doctor wedding reception dance. · 4:28pm Jan 19th, 2022

I never actually posted this commission from Mager Blutooth here. It's from my Derpy-Doctor love story You Are Normal Too and a remake of an old picture by Crimson Ink.

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Happy New Year!

Okie-dokie, hold your horses :twilightsmile:. There'll be plenty of time to go on and on about the thing... One day there'll come... dissection... The game's internals will be examined scrupulously...

"Undertale" can assure you of that: it underwent my studying its save files's structure... And later came decompilation. (Kudos to me, I managed to determine the meaning of most of the lines in the save files without any hints as to what was in the source code :yay: :twilightsmile:!)

Speaking of popularity: it may be best for some works to get the amount of recognition they do. As much, as we may wish for "Oneshot" to go viral... just look upon what's happened to "Undertale"... It's spawned myriads of alternative universes, insane fanons, even more insane cross-overs... And there rose shippers :pinkiecrazy:... Surely you don't want that to happen to sweet, innocent Niko, eh :pinkiecrazy:???

...Niko :fluttershysad:... My sweet child :fluttercry:!..

3115873 OOOOOHHHHH! :unsuresweetie: There are things I'd love to say, but can't without spoiling the basic nature of what Solstice is all about. If you knew you'd probably want to hop right back in.

Anyway, I wish Oneshot could have gotten the Undertale treatment. Oh, it has fans, naturally, especially since a huge name youtuber (Markiplier) played it, but it never got as much recognition despite that it has a lot of the same elements that made Undertale great. A child thrown into another world, upon which they can either be savior or destroyer based upon your choices, with great fourth wall breaking antics that made it more than just a game.

I think one of the reasons Oneshot isn't as popular can be attributed to it's lack of memorable characters. Not that there's no interesting characters, but it feels like you don't get to spend much time with personalities as developed as Mettaton, Toriel or Papyrus. Niko is really the only one that feels fully realized as a character, which makes that final choice hit so hard no matter which one you choose.

Yep, there were chances. I took mine. Niko trusted me... I think, he'd not considered the impact... He appeared hesitating -- not less so, than me! But in the end he didn't know what to do... I guess, he really wanted to go home... Just as much, as he wanted to save everyone! Still, he trusted me.

Whatever would happen next... is up to fanfic writers :rainbowlaugh:! (If it exists, there will be fanfiction of it. No exceptions :rainbowlaugh:.)

Also: I've not tried to mess with the save files yet... Can't know, if there exists this "Solstice" thing you speak of.

It's too early to dissect the game... Emotions... must calm down...

3115707 When I first played I made the hard choice of saving the world and putting the light bulb in. If Niko goes home, and his memories aren't erased, then it feels like he'd always have to live with sacrificing an entire world's worth of people solely to avoid his own discomfort at losing access to his own world. Though people suggested the world had started messing up before the sun went out, there was always a chance that the world might truly be saved.
The new scenario is called Solstice mode. In order to access it you'd have to go into the Oneshot folder and delete your saved game progress, then start a new game. Just like in Undertale this wouldn't be considered a complete refresh, as subconscious memories remain. I think Niko blurts out your name before he's actually introduced to you, and other small things like that.

You also start with the author's book in your inventory, which reacts when entering the cave with Silver(the red haired one). If you use the book on the spot that has a black clover it will spawn a minecart that will get you deeper into the cave. From there you're officially in the Solstice route, and it's all smooth sailing from there, as unlike the genocide route from Undertale you can't leave that route midway. Everything will change and you'll experience a new story.

I have mixed feelings about the Solstice route. I don't really care for the story, for specific reasons I can't go into right now because of spoilers, but the ending is phenomenal and makes up for all of it.

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