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WRITE some letters to make a word. WRITE some words to make a sentence. WRITE some sentences to make a page. WRITE some pages to make a chapter. WRITE some chapters to make a book!

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Yet another scrapped story :/ · 3:38am Jul 29th, 2018

Ugh, I so wish I could have kept the spark for the filly wanting to be a royal guard story, but yet again I lost the inspiration for it. So like always the story is up for others to write. To anyone who does if they do please let me know when it's up. I'd love to hear it!

Now I do have a few ideas I know for sure I will MAKE work out. For both pony tales and Equestria Girls Tales.

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Thank you so much for following me!

thanks for fave!!!

Thank you for adding some of my stories to your bookshelf

Thanks for adding The Troll Squad, Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky to your bookshelf! :yay:

Thanks for adding Crystal Wings, Steady as She Flies, and Why the Streak Siblings can't have Nice Things to your bookshelf!

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