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This group is just for anyone who enjoys writing or reading written stories or doing both! If you join this group, you should be able to say proudly, I AM A WRITER!


Rule #1: No NSFW pictures! This should go without saying, but it's good to reinforce the fact.

Rule #2: Post your stories in the correct folders! If you have a story with thriller, action, and romance, then post it in all three of those folders.

Rule #3: Be kind, ponies! It's kind of weird I have to say that on a website titled FIM (Friendship is Magic)fiction, but apparently that's a thing.

Rule #4: Now this one only really applies to the ponies who ae posting NSFW content, like clop fics. For one, keep it to yourself on the forums and in the main comments section! You can post a story, but no talking about the stuff, mk?

I think that about covers it. Have fun here!

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Nah, I think that would go into comedy or random.

Troll-Fic section?

Example: Fluttershy obtains an afro

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