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Winter Fever

Let us make beautiful ruins.

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That's what got me into her work as well. Many stories I've read lean toward going out of character in order to get the "action" to happen, but by exploring the psychology of each character within the context of their observed behaviors, you end up with the relationships involved feeling real and natural.

Thank you for joining the Female Writers group!

Well, the thing that most strikes me about your work is characterization. The characters are all, quite simply, perfectly in-character. Although they would obviously never engage in sexual acts in canon, your stories always make the acts they engage in feel perfectly believable and compatible with canon personalities. The way they talk, their interactions and the way they engage in sex are all perfect. Not only that, but these characters always remain consistent, and they develop throughout the stories. It's, quite simply, perfect characterization, and exactly what I look for in erotica. Erotica with no proper characterization is just bags of meat rubbing against each other. There's no eroticism, no thrill, in husks acting out contextless fetish scenarios.

Regarding your idea, should you make your blog post, I would no doubt give you feedback. Regardless of when you finish your work, I'll be there to read it.

Thanks. Was there anything about my stories you enjoyed in particular? Anything I should keep in mind going forward?

I have several story ideas I would like to get through, but perhaps not the time to write them all. I actually have quite a few half-finished ones, but I keep roaming from one to another, unable to focus and complete them for good. Some of them feel too cliche, others too ambitious -- can't quite find the sweet spot. But I'll probably get through them someday, even if it's well into G5.

I was thinking of making a blog post where I summarize some of them and see which ones people want me to finish first, but I dunno.

Fantastic stuff, mate. Hope to see more of your writing in the future.

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