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This is for anybody who has this as a fetish or general interest. You may add any story you like, as long as it fits the category. This group has both non erotic/parental and erotic spanking. You may add any story that has at least one spanking scene or revolves around the theme.

Here's a collection of MLP Spankfics on Pastebin.

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Posted a new chapter in my Dolly Dash Series.

Enjoy and thank you for your support.

I had already worked out the details on how the next chapter in this series will go.

I will give you all a sneak preview here.

** Sprinkle Gem invites over her 4 closest friends to have a sleep over so they can all see her new Miss Rainbow Tinkle Bottom doll. During all this Rainbow Dash's situation goes from bad to MUCH worse as she does all she can to try and find a way out of all of this and to freedom. **

I am as of posting this already starting to type out the start of this new chapter. I can promise you that Dash hasn't seen the last diapers and sore plots among much more!

Thank you all for your support. ^_^

Thank you for the fix:eeyup:

383530 Hm. I'm not really sure who added it to the erotic folder, but I removed it from there for you. It's still in non-erotic/parental, though. Hope that's okay. :twilightsmile:

As much as I like the idea of my fic 'Make Me Bad' finding it's way to this group and thus making me aware that this group exists...why is it in the erotic folder?
It's not a sex fic...


>implying I had a FIMFiction account before this

353677 Well, I don't have the original link, but here's where I found it.

The link to the avatar of this group, I wantz it

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