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Thanks for the review! Wow! I mean it. I especially appreciate how you comment my characterization, because that's always something I'm second-guessing about myself. This goes for the villains, too. I'm hoping my intentions hit the reader instead of annoying them when it all comes together in the end. See, this story isn't just about bad things happening to good people - it's the character of those people within these terrible situations shining through.

I never read the comics though, and that's really interesting! You're going to see in the next chapter, however that Starlight can muster up a simple but powerful spell, but it's not at all healthy, nor casually done like Tempest's blast.

As for a review, I will try. Your story makes me think, which is one of the most important things I think a story can do. I haven't seen many stories that put me in so many wildly varying points of view, and do so this well. Each of the characters is more... distinct? Than I see in a lot of stories. A lot of stories feel like though the characters are separate, it's clearer they come from the mind of a single author. They feel more real here. Your antagonists are some of the most horrific things I've read. I find them utterly wrong. Can't think of much else to say, basically your story is 10/10 for me. If you wanted me to be a nitpicky bastard I could go on about the movie prequel comics establishing that Tempest can cast actual spells, just really unreliably. But if that were the case in your story it would ease a lot of Starlight's suffering, and make the whole thing a lot less of a horrifying issue. Thus making it an entirely different, (and IMO lesser) story.

Thanks for understanding. I will do a blogpost, but only as a final farewell. Mayhaps I'll push something out on the side when I'm done and before I leave, just to wrap up what I put out last, since I did have an intention with this "Glados acknowledging her emotions" thing and the mane six leaving for the season 3 premiere.

That is a shame about My little GlaDOS but I understand. It wouldn't be right for anyone to expect you to finish it if you have no interest in it. Just an idea but if you don't have any interest in it anymore, perhaps you could put out a blog seeing if anyone wants to "adopt" it? Hope everything goes well in the army, and with publishing stories professionally!

I understand the feeling, though I never begrudge any sort of feedback, big or small. It let's me know you care enough to comment! Or at least that's how I read it. If you don't want to leave a review you don't have to, but if you were worried about coming off as weird, I don't judge at all.

Sadly though... I don't know about My Little GLaDOS. It's heartbreaking, I know, but I never expected the story to blow up in the first place and I just have zero urge to continue it. It's a jokey little fic. I had big ideas for it but I lost the urge to bring them to life because it wasn't a story I wanted to tell. I've sort of settled on the idea that, once I finish The Broken Bond, I'll leave Fimfiction permanently. I'm heading into the army once I graduate in the summer, and during and after that I wish to write and publish professionally between my real job. I simply don't have the time, either, to indulge in something like MLG just because it was popular.

Glad you liked my Thrones story, though. I've had some ideas knocking around in my head for a followup, something that takes place either during Tyrion's trip to Pentos or back to Westeros, but I think not. Maybe I'll whip something up when season 8 wraps up to commemorate the series. Hey, maybe Tyrion will still be alive! Though I doubt it. But it'll give yet another avenue to write something.

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