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So.... is there ever going to be a sequel?

Sorry I forgot to mention that the story was "Fluttershy's Ultimate Form!" Not "Don't Underestimate Ze Ponies! I go!" I haven't started that yet. I have been more focused on school, life, and my anime. (Which I have everything planned out, scheduled, outlined, and summarized everything except for one writer's block, the beginning of season six.) Thanks for all the support and advice. I will give you my own for your new project when it comes out.

Signing out, VShuffler42

Thank you for the support. I'll remember it. I'll be sure to read your next project. I will support you all the way through it. As for the weeks of silence, don't sweat it. I am just glad you got the message. And as a matter of fact,my story passed moderation today in fact.:pinkiehappy: Read it if you want. Please criticize it, what ever you find wrong please state it unpike some others who try and hide it with mush. If it is good, say so. Same thing for bad. Thanks Hat Man

Signing out, VShuffler42

Once in a rare while I get a compliment that’s so nice that I just don’t know what to say. So I step back and decide to respond later... and then real life hits with work and other distractions. And then I realize that a few weeks have gone by and all I’ve given the person who complimented me is a fat load of silence.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry for not responding to your comment sooner. :fluttershyouch:

Look, it took me a week to read all of "Everything's Better With Robots: The Iron Horse" and IT IS AMAZING! You are an awesome writer and deserve a lot more than a fav, like, and follow. (I have done all of these already)
I like ... ... ... just about everything about it. You kept me engaged the entire time, you provided a sense of adventure and "slice of life" at the same time, and ultimately, what I love the most it that not only were you consistent, you also made it actually possible in Canon. You kept it inside season five but still progressed with the show. You wrote a story that, unlike most stories, that i never wanted to end, yet at the same time feel relieved and happy and sad and ... well just about any emotion you can imagine. [...] You did an excellent job portraying Turing Test in her adventures to becoming... Well... her own mare.

You have no idea how gratifying it is to hear this. The amazing support from readers has made writing The Iron Horse one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. And it’s very gratifying to know that I managed to achieve so many of the goals I set out with in writing it. To have readers tell me that they found the story engrossing, believable, and emotionally satisfying is just an amazing feeling. Thank you.

Not to mention, you've got me shipping Turing with Maud for real now. XD

Yyyeah, even though I know Turing’s not a canon character, I do that too. But if you enjoy it... I think you’ll like one of the stories I’m planning for the near future. :raritywink:

know hard it must have been for you as I myself am not only creating an anime with six seasons (I have mostly everything planned out already), but also the script for my musical, as well as my own FIMFiction story idea I have yet to write. Not to mention I am only 14 and a freshman in high school.

Sounds to me like you’ve got a lot of ambition! In that case, take some advice from an older guy:
You’ll write a lot of stuff that one day you’ll look back on and cringe. It will often be bad, but do it anyway. It develops your skills, and if you get valuable feedback, even if it’s negative, you’ll become stronger as a result. I wrote a novel in my last year of high school that I can truly say now was completely awful... but I don’t regret writing it in the slightest.

Just do it. Don’t just plan, don’t just imagine, but actually sit down and write it. Get it out. Do the work. Force yourself through it even when it seems hard. Do so and you’ll get better by leaps and bounds. You may not achieve all your ambitions, and some of it you’ll look back on with embarrassment, but the joy of creating something you are absolutely proud of will make it all worthwhile.

Good luck. :pinkiesmile:

P.S. I can’t really promise to read or review your story, but I’ll put it in a folder with the other candidates that are on my list when it’s finished. Let me know when it’s up!

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Humanized Turing Hugs Human 002! · 2:47am Last Wednesday

Ilustration by Greenfinger! Turing Test gives her elder sister a hug. She hates it.

“I love you, Sister!”

“What are you doing? What is this? Stop that, you idiot!”