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The Hat Man

A man with a love of top hats and the finer things in life. Like aged rum. And UNICORNS.

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this reminds me of a loop in the MLP Loops. Twilight understandably panics when she is told that instead of accessing the information on their version of the web she has to read the actual and only copy of the most important book in their existence. it's hilarious because it makes a ton of predictions that are actually just the loopers' memories of what happened over the years and culminates in Twilight Awakening after reading that she would.

Yeah, good meeting you as well!

Thanks for the help at BronyCon, hope to see you around tomorrow when I am in costume! I tip my hat to you good Sir!

I'm mostly following you because I have a friend that we call "Hatman", and your username is "The Hat Man", so I thought, "F#$k it."

Also, I like your stories.

  • Viewing 123 - 127 of 127
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"Reaping Rainbow" Lost Lore: The Necromancer's War · 5:38pm Yesterday

In Reaping Rainbow, mention is made of "The Necromancer's War." Believe it or not, but it's actually a concept I had for a story that never came to be. Today I thought I'd share what could have been...

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