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2445115 Thanks! Really, I'm not a fan of strictly black and white situations, so I expect and appreciate people who are willing to express opposing viewpoints. That said, the reader in question has been pretty one-note lately. If their comments were related to the events of the chapter, I could understand, but...

Well, anyway, thanks for the nice comment. Hopefully this won't become a problem for anyone.

I just want to say that I'm impressed. Not just for The Iron Horse, but for your patience when comes to the comments. You allow people to freely have discussions or comment on the story as long as it's civil and cordial.

Yet there are thoses who harp on and on and on and on about someone's mistakes and lack of leadership qualities and that the mane 6 did this and that and were allowed to get away with it. I'm sure you know whom I'm talking about. I'm not complaining to you about that.

At least not completely, because you gave free reign to everyone who reads your story to share their thoughts and feelings. And I respect that wholeheartedly. I'm just amazed and impressed of the level of patience you've shown thus far. I don't think I can be as patient as you because someone decided to take a kid's show and a fanfic story way too seriously and just sucking the enjoyment out for others.

I'm sorry for that small rant. Everyone has the freedom to criticism. What I don't like is someone latching onto something so tightly and just beating on a dead horse, so to speak.

Once again, I want to praise your patience and just keep up the good work.

2442749 I'll look forward to it, but don't put yourself out on my account! :rainbowlaugh:

Next chapter's rough draft should be done today or tomorrow, at which point I'll turn it over to the editing team. Should go up Sunday, maybe Monday or Tuesday at the latest. :eeyup:

Oh, non, non, non... A chapter delay? *le gasp*

Woah, woah, woah...we're really going with "le gasp"? What am I, a Prench girl?

"Draw me like one of your Prench girls, Jack!"

Dammit, Rose! :flutterrage: We're not talking about you! Go back to letting go or whatever else you do!
Anyways, *clears throat* Let's try that again!

Oh noeses-a delay? That could mean...*anime gasp* a wait until the next chapter!
Sweet Celestia's forehooves, that was even worse. Anyways...
There's only one thing to do in this situation. And no, don't worry, it's not to hunt down the author and give them a painful death. I got over that a looong time ago :twilightblush:
It's to read through the entiiiiire story again, while leaving a humorous and slightly snarky comment on each one! So, yeah, expect that soon!

Something random, apropos of nothing. I do not know if this has been brought up before, but I can see Turing/Gadget singing something like this:

Polecats - Make a Circuit With Me


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Deleted Scene is UNdeleted! · 4:58am Yesterday

Just a quick note, folks. Since people seemed to like the deleted scene I posted earlier so much, I decided to add it to the actual story! If you missed it and don't want to go back to the chapter, though, you can still catch it at the blog post here.

Thanks, and enjoy!