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The Hat Man

Specialties include comedy, robots, and precision strikes to your feelings. Hobbies include hat and watch collecting. May contain alcohol.

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Thanks! I hope the rest meet with your approval! :twilightsmile:


Just wanted to say I like your stories, have only read a few so far. :pinkiehappy:

“Funny Valentine”

Heh heh jojos reference

Lol, anytime!

Been too focused on my original fiction to read anything else.


Awesome! 🤓
I never read anything of yours tbh, I just like chatting around, lol

Ah... well! :twilightblush:

Feel free to browse around if you would like to check any of my work out. And either way, thanks for asking. Never a bad thing to ask if someone's hanging in there.

  • Viewing 153 - 157 of 157
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New Story: "A Holiday Melody" - Belated Holiday Story is here! · 1:23am January 3rd

...And it has OctaScratch! Sorry it took a while, but I had to wait until New Year's when the Quills and Sofas Fic Exchange ended. Anyway, it's some very cute shipping between Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch, and I sure hope y'all like it. :twilightsmile: