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Six years after her return to Equestria, Mage Meadowbrook still grapples with the loss of her partner from 1000 years ago.

Winner of the 2023 lesbian speedwriting contest.

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This was an excellent entry and I loved it so much

LETS FUCKIN GOOOOOOO you're a master at creating this whole melancholy, bittersweet atmosphere and the romance is very compelling

A really captivating portrayal of love, loss, and the weight of memories. It's easy to write off Meadowbrook's decision as 'taking the easy way' out of dealing with loss, but it's just as easy to imagine Zuri's despair at the idea of her former lover never moving on, and never finding peace. It's not an easy decision to paint as 'correct', because loss rarely is an easy thing to experience.

Read this before you published it, and it's still great. A good quick story and backstory for an underutilized character. I really like how it takes the plot device of Swamp Fever and depicts it as horrifying a plague as it probably should have been taken in the series.

Great job, man!

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