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This group is for fans of the beautiful and gentle-hearted Mage Meadowbrook, representing the true to her title Element of Healing, and a reflection of Fluttershy’s Element of Kindness.

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Do any of you remember the very rare disease swamp fever that Meadowbrook found a cure to well there is another sickness that Meadowbrook might have a hard time curing the Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) commonly called the Triple E or sleeping sickness the triple E is a rare disease and vaccinations can help but Equestria doesn't have humans who could make it

Thanks for the invite!:twilightsmile:

Love her, hate that I couldn't find any stories about her. This group makes it a lot easier.

Hooray for best Cajun/Creole Pony!

She sure is.

Would you be interested in making a story about her some time?

Easily my favorite Pillar <3

I’m fine thank you

Hello there.

How are you doing today?

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