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Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the fact that there are no groups dedicated to this character in particular?

Did you ever find one that does, but yet...isn’t the kind of group you want to be a part of?

Well, look no further, because this is the group dedicated to the wonderful Stygian, no Pony of Shadows attached.

Despite not having any abilities like the Pillars, he brought them together so that the forces of evil can be brought down. He’s the very brains behind it all.

His development of character and origins revealed in “Shadow Play”, as well as his redemption and rekindled friendship with the Pillars of Old after feeling uncredited and left out, makes him all the more unique. He’s one of the most well-fleshed characters that this series has.

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Perhaps. I’ll see what I can do.

While my take on him is unique I do enjoy his character and hope to fully connect by the canon version and my AU version to make the change flawless soon enough.

We seriously need more stories of this guy:scootangel:!

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