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The Railway Adventure timeline · 10:25pm Feb 20th, 2019

For all who are interested, this is the timeline of my EqG chronology, the 'Railway Adventure' timeline.

Season 1

ERailway Adventure
The CMC go on a remarkable adventure.
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The infamous holiday special, retold in an entirely new way.
The Blue EM2 · 14k words  ·  70  23 · 3.8k views

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A Grand Milepost! · 8:58pm Jan 20th, 2020

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Jimmy just released his 100th TF story. Sneak a peek.

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    Future's Past: My thoughts on the Fall of Imperial Equestria

    A little over three years ago now, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic came to an end, with an episode depicting Equestria as a peaceful utopia united by friendship and love, and inhabited by lots of different races.

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  • Monday
    An Update on The Unlucky Tug

    The Unlucky Tug himself has an update on the current situation. I'll let his words speak for themselves.

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  • Monday
    The Challenge of Adaption: how I created the world of Thomas and Friends: a New Generation

    (Note: This blog contains heavy spoilers for Thomas and Friends: a New Generation. I would strongly recommend reading the story first before commenting here if you haven't already.)

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  • Saturday
    Rest in Peace, The Unlucky Tug's YouTube Channel...

    Today, I received news that Thomas and Friends YouTuber The Unlucky Tug got his account unfairly terminated. Apparently this was due to circulating an email from other channels which were unfairly suspended.

    We have to fight back. YouTube are engaging in bullying and idiotic behaviour. Who next?

    (Note: Owing to how I had titled the blog post some people were under the impression the channel's creator had passed away. I apologise for this error.)

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  • 3 weeks
    Steaming to 100-a Scotsman retrospective

    Today, the 24th February, is the centenery of what is sometimes referred to as 'the most famous steam locomotive in the world'. Today, I shall be taking you all, dear readers, through the life and times of No. 1472/4472/502/103/60103 Flying Scotsman.

    Chapter 1-1923-1939

    (4472 pictures in 1924. This is the engine more or less as-built)

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All the characters my self insert has TFed into... · 4:19pm Aug 19th, 2019

Hello folks!

Taking inspiration from JimmyHook19's blog: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/857451/all-of-the-female-characters-that-i-have-transformed-into-thus-far-since-2016

I hereby list all the characters my self insert, Tom Haddington, has TFed into. Note that the dates given are dates chapters were uploaded. This will update when a new TF occurs.

Some housekeeping first;

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That is true. I haven't watched that in ages, mind.

Yeah, though she was pretty capable in the cartoons (especially in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show).

Seeing as historically Peach very much played the damsel in distress character.

They're very much positioning Peach as an action princess. I approve of the new angle.

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