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The Blue EM2

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The Railway Adventure timeline · 10:25pm Feb 20th, 2019

For all who are interested, this is the timeline of my EqG chronology, the 'Railway Adventure' timeline.

Season 1

ERailway Adventure
The CMC go on a remarkable adventure.
The Blue EM2 · 19k words  ·  58  9 · 1.8k views
The infamous holiday special, retold in an entirely new way.
The Blue EM2 · 14k words  ·  69  24 · 3.3k views

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A Grand Milepost! · 8:58pm Jan 20th, 2020

[Unpublished stories cannot be embedded]

Jimmy just released his 100th TF story. Sneak a peek.

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  • Wednesday
    After 34 Years...

    Anybody who knows me particularly well will know that Top Gun is one of my favourite films. Being a descendant of RAF pilots, there was always something about it that really spoke to me (not to mention the flying scenes are still incredible more than 30 years after they were filmed).

    So, naturally, I'm pretty pumped to see Top Gun: Maverick, which releases this week in the UK. (NO SPOILERS IF YOU'VE SEEN IT!)

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  • Saturday
    Analyzing Sonichu Issues #16 and #17

    Sonichu Issue 16 was originally set up as Sonichu #13, but the Idea Guys' meddling resulted in the issue being delayed . After the Idea Guys were removed from power, Chris was working on this issue and two others at the same time, only becoming remotely close to completing one of them.1 A workplace accident was the reason for this issue being abandoned; whilst drawing, Chris accidentally spilled brown paint on the comic pages, ruining them (another reason he should have started

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  • Friday
    Analysing Sonichu Issue #15

    Sonichu #15 was one of three comics being worked on at the same time by Chris (the others being #14 and the yet to be reviewed #16). Originally intended to serve as a reboot of the Sonichu franchise, things would take a sudden change during development.1

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  • 1 week
    Closure on the Lion Star case


    PrinceOfDarkness has uncovered evidence that Lion Star was playing us all. I rest my case.

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  • 2 weeks
    Analysing Sonichu Issue #14

    Sonichu #14 is one of several incomplete issues in the Sonichu series. It was started on the 26th June 2019 and at the moments consists largely of incomplete scribblings. In terms of plotline, the comic is a direct continuation from Sonichu #13, and is subtitled The Awakening of a CPU Book Two. Although by this point the Idea Guys had been succesfully driven off by a group of counter trolls called the Guard Dogs, Chris continued to fervently cling to the lore that they had brainwashed

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All the characters my self insert has TFed into... · 4:19pm Aug 19th, 2019

Hello folks!

Taking inspiration from JimmyHook19's blog: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/857451/all-of-the-female-characters-that-i-have-transformed-into-thus-far-since-2016

I hereby list all the characters my self insert, Tom Haddington, has TFed into. Note that the dates given are dates chapters were uploaded. This will update when a new TF occurs.

Some housekeeping first;

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Fish?. what's that supposed to mean?.

So, aren't you supposed to do the second scene sample of Sweetie Belle and the glass slippers?.

Hi. I want to see what are you doing?.

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