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Signal Boost: Nailah · 8:45pm October 27th

This blog is just so you know Nailah is currently struggling with the lack of money. There's more info here:


If you can't donate, you can always signal-boost Nailah's blog.

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Heh, that's a nice reason for following me.:yay:

Glad you like those stories.:twilightsmile:

I just really like Fluffle Puff stories:twilightsmile: and the idea of Twilight disguising herself as Moondancer is funny because they look so similar and her as Punk Rarity is a nice idea:raritywink:

I know. He hasn't left any comments yet, however, but it's all right.

Hello Discord. I thought you'd like to know LonelyFanboy48 is reading one of your stories.

  • Viewing 606 - 610 of 610
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