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I've created this place to Catalog Human TF's.

Be it into Pony, Equestria Girls, Or anything in between!


Was using this as a Request Group, though now I'm relegating the group into a collection of Human TF's!

If the story in question involves a human TFing into whatever, I'd be happy to host it here!

As for Requests, I'll still accept them when I'm not busy.

Details below, that's about it.

We're a pretty chill group.


No fighting!

I prefer to keep things posted here at Teen! Nothing higher so please don't add something Mature.

No kink shaming. ( If you're not into TF's, then why are you here?)

No hate speech!

No spamming!

If you have a Request, please create a thread in the forum.

State the type of request you're interested in.

Place a word count you'd like.

Place genre.

Give specifics of how you'd like changes to happen, or something special you'd want to see.

When I accept a request, I'll tell you in the thread.

Hope everyone has fun!

Enjoy your stay!  


Dee :

Lover of Transformations and owner of the group!

As Devious as she is Dazzling!

Loves to write, open to discussing anything and will happily answer questions!

Jimmy Hook :

"Jimmy Hook's the Name, Transformations is my Game"

(Victim of The Cursed Gift since September 2016)

And will keep on transforming for a long time to come (mainly for the Male to Female Character aspect of course X3)

If interested in a Mod/Admin Position, simply PM!

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  • Viewing 1 - 12 of 12
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