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Zaten the Changeling

Gay bug with a fondness for writing. Been around since 2018. I like sci-fi, and I am a very big bird fan. Still trying to get back into writing, though MLP fanfiction seems out of my grasp now.

this is Zaten :D

Message me on Discord!

In case you want to message me on Discord, here's my tag:

I do proofreading

I like to proofread stories and story chapters. If you need someone to do so, and to share their thoughts about it, just ask. I do it for free, because why would you need to pay someone to just read a story and point out minor grammatical mistakes?

Edit: I realize now why you'd pay a proofreader, but I'm not taking money, because my payment is just getting to read the stories in the first place.


equestria at war and inspiration! · 7:34am April 19th

so, if you follow me, you almost certainly know of the silly "Pony Warfare" story i wrote back in like... 2019? long time ago.

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Thanks for the follow!

That Avatar... It's glorious :raritystarry:

yes! i made them before i knew reformed bugs were a thing, but kept them pre-reformed afterwards because gdamn i love him as a non-skittle

DAMN, hard ask, but the ISU-152 is too chonky for me to say no to. jagdtigers aren't my thing, but StUGs are for sure

Hello, fellow changeling fan. Your buggo is cute! Are they intentionally pre-reformed? :twilightsmile:

Just noticed the "I like ww2" bit on the bio.
So-! Jagtigers or ISU-152's?

The name's Wrex. What do I call you?

no Erdogen eat it all

Turkish ice cream man

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