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Zaten the Changeling

I am an aspiring writer. If you need a friend, just ask me! I love making friends! I'm a fan of many things, ask me and you'll find out! I am also interested by WWII and space.

this is Zaten :D

Add me on Discord!

Add me using:
Zaten the Changeling#2975

I do proofreading

I like to proofread stories and story chapters. If you need someone to do so, and to share their thoughts about it, just ask. I do it for free, because why would you need to pay someone to just read a story and point out minor grammatical mistakes?

Edit: I realize now why you'd pay a proofreader, but I'm not taking money, because my payment is just getting to read the stories in the first place.

my favorite image


New record Feed amount (for me) and progress on the story! · 11:15pm August 14th

I have reached 796 feed thingies! That's a lot more than I had last time! I really should be more active here, heh...

Anyways! I've made some progress, my brain has started secreting creative fluids once again and the first chapter of that story I said I was writing is coming along... fairly well, I guess? I hope so anyway.

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no Erdogen eat it all

Turkish ice cream man

Encryption "Canine"

I'm so bored

[7;18]'[17] [26;3;3;12] [17;13] [10;13;12;5] [17;7;12;1;3] [21;3] [18;25;10;9;3;2]

Hell yeah comrade!

... Wanna be friends?

So you're the capitalist that spied on me... hmmm..

Enjoying it?! I'm LOVING it! The story itself feels just as fine as Taken In was, so far, and that coupled with that strange but refreshing nostalgic feel of reading a rewrite of one of the first stories I've read on this site is making it extremely enjoyable. And you better prepare for more commentary, because I sure as heck am going to give at least one comment per chapter.

I’m enjoying your commentary on my story so far. I hope you’re enjoying it. :twilightblush:

Alright then, let's see what's going on in there!

Join in the fun!
Just in case you want to be a part of this groundbreaking, stunning, and entirely unfathomable
or just... really goofy group. Join me in my new group called Royal Fight Club... Let's see who Celestia will draw from the omniverse...
The only group you'll ever need! Well, not really :flutterrage:

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