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"We all believe in Luck, Cause, and Effect"

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I am open to do art request, which I'm only best at EQG.
I can take up to 2 Request each.

Slot 1: free
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Long Moment Of MIA · 7:57am Nov 14th, 2018

Halo, bagi mereka yang mengenal saya di website ini.

Forgive me that I've been gone for a bloody long time.

And I know you're waiting for the next chapter on my Dead Space story.
But I've been dealing with some.... issues at home and the goddamn school.
Along with the editor of mine dealing the same damn thing as me, except it's college instead of school.

So, looks like the the Dead Space story have to hold for the moment

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Report Chittatos · 639 views · Story: Dead Space: Dead Sunset ·


Name : Chittatos (Chitta █.█.█)
age : 1█
School : SMKN 7 (Public Vocational School 7, Information Technology, Computer Network Engineering), Class ██
Religion : Hindu
Live in : Samarinda, ███ ██████ ██ ██-██
Favorite bands / musical artists : Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Eminem, One Direction, One Republic.
Favorite games : War, hidden objects, logic, and horror games
Favorite TV shows : Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, Grimm, Comedy theme, etc.
Favorite movies : action, war, combat types.
Favorite gaming platform : PC
Other Interests : Animation, Music.
Websites: https://chittatos.deviantart.com, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012221072837.

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Yo! Where the heck is your amazing Dead Space and Anon-A-Miss crossover, dude??!!

Will you be bringing dead space dead sunset back? Maybe at least on fanfiction?

Good to hear that

Good taste you have here.

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