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Welcome to the group celebrating the greatest decades in our time, the 1980s. We've made great things in the 1980s, and this group is here to honor those great things. From our music, to our shows, movies, video games, toys, fashion style, everything.

You know how much of an 80s nut I am, but what about you guys? So, I hope you all will have a lot of fun here. This group is basically open for discussion of virtually anything the 80s have offered and created. And if you have a story revolving the 80s, or maybe using a property that's from it, you can place it in there as well.

My only rules:
1. Be nice to each other, lets not be mean, okay?
2. No spamming.
3. Chill out, don't get bitter.
4. Lets have some fun, okay?
5. Anything that's involving tons of blatant hatred, is gonna get locked.

Thank you, and have a great time!


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Guys it's October 21 so this is Back To The Future Day


And I welcome you! :twilightsmile:

I’m a big fan of several movies and tv shows from the 1980s’. I’m so glad to have been invited to this group, and to join as well.

Sweet! A group dedicated to the 80s. I was born in 1984, so I have kinda vague memories of the decade. ^_^


Nice! And welcome! :twilightsmile:

Hey just joined and I've watched and played several movies and games from the 80's though I'm a 2000 kid I still love the 80's since well Ready Player One was based off of it,

Thanks for the invite! Even though I wasn't born in the '80s, I do enjoy the movies that came out from that era.

I... think I will? Checks for Pinkie Pies


Well I hope you enjoy.:pinkiesmile:

Oh. Ah, neat? The 80’s were an... interesting time, so I think I’ll be staying.


Just wanted to invite ya.:twilightsmile:

Thx 4 the invite, FourShadow :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by The Dark Nightmare deleted Jan 24th, 2018

Thanks for the invite.

Thanks for the invite

What there's now an invite mechanic?:rainbowhuh:


Oh, well, you're welcome.

Honestly the invites were my way of saying thank you for the fav. :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 42 - 61 of 61
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