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This group is dedicated to the Equestria Girls In Disguise series that I have developed over the years.

And this is also another Transformers group where you can discuss virtually anything TF or Gobot related. :twilightsmile:

And if you've got questions about some of the statistics of the EGID world, you may feel free to make threads or posts asking, and I will gladly answer them. I honestly thought this could be a good way to answer some of those questions.

The only rule is, be nice to people, and have fun!

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No problem!


Thanks for inviting me to join this group. I look forward to perusing the stories here!


Well this is a Transformers related group, also I've written a lot of Transformers based stories, so I figured why not?

Thanks for the invite. May I ask why you invited me? :twilightsmile:


Aw, you're welcome :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite!

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