Loved writing for all of you, but I believe my ship had finally sailed. Nothing to do with you lot, you're all cool. Simply put, I just don't think I can write horsewords anymore, being that I fell out of the show around season six or something. My knowledge is dated, my fanhood is aged, and I am free to write fuck-all elsewhere.

While I may have other works, for other sites, I will always thinks fondly back to everyone here. The few I consider friends, even though I was never sociable, thank you for being there for me. To those I consider fellow and by far superior authors, I tip my hat to you sirs and I hope someone can replace my absence in the realm of sheer inanity.

For no one will replace my lack of tact.

Bye fuckers!

Psych, I'll still be around to read and drop comments, lmfao.

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Thank you so much for taking time to read Ranger and finding something about it worthy of your bookshelfs. :twilightsmile:


Appreciate it, KM, really do. I plan to keep it that way, until I can't lol.

Someone's gotta be noone, might as well be me :rainbowlaugh: but seriously, stay awesome. (\

Lol, glad to see you're still hanging in there. :yay:
You're not a nobody, lol


I may fall from the face of the Earth, but it's always good to be back! Heyya :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 119 - 123 of 123
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