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Lack of Tact

I do not write comedies with a plan. I do not write comedies. I do not write. I do not. I do n t.

Notice Trixie! Please!

"For realsies?"
"- Sonata Dusk, Rainbow Rocks 2014..."

"For realsies? Like, woah."

Snippet of Reality

Hiya, I'm Don or tact, if you know me and my lack thereof.

I'm now just a dude with nihilistic tendencies, oh and I rotate fandoms faster than I can finish a round of Russian Roulette. When I'm not working on some recent fuck-up or jamming out to classic rock and roll, I'm writing. What do I write? Well since I'm here, horsewords obviously.

  • Romantic horsewords
  • comedic horsewords
  • horseshit horsewords
  • and I'm even diving into horror-sewords lately!

Eh? Bah, no one is any fun. If any of those specific genres catch your interest, you came to the right guy, er... ish.

I'll try not to spoil any moods with my mediocrity lmfao.

:twilightsmile: Enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Ain't much, but it's honest work... ish.

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Yeah, constantly changing your name on FimFiction belies a certain... Lack of Tact :trollestia:


Unwarranted, unwanted, and unwelcomed. Sorry Supes and LD for the Nth name change, who would've thunk it.

Besides me, I mean, but you guys figured that I'm sure. Hope you are all doing well! :twilightsmile:

Wait ur name is back

Changed your name again, eh? Guess I have to change my link to your story again, too. :ajbemused: (:derpytongue2:)

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The Graveyard

"Well fuck you too, me."

Lack of Tact
2018 - 2020 A spell of resurrection is cast! Lord Tactulysses rejoins the fight!
"You should have gone for the head."

2017 - 2018
"Prep thy butts, grab thy forks."

Tactless Trix
2016 - 2017
":twilightsmile: Enjoy! :twilightsmile:"

Surely Trixie has finally earned your attention!