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An apology speech for Cinematic Adventures · 11:22pm March 28th

Mr. Enigma, Dramamaster, Phantom-Dragon, ladies and gentlemen of the Cinematic Adventures group, this is my speech to tell everyone that I am very, very sorry about the drama I've been making in the comments. I was letting the bad thing from a real life event (losing a friend) effect me so bad mentally that I took my sadness out on everyone. For this, I realize one thing that you all should know: I'm being like Stygian (back when he became the Pony of Shadows) and Starlight Glimmer (back when

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Hey buddy you wanna be a Co-author and Writer of my story

Hi ToonWriter I'm Kittycat5499 you wanna join The Cutie Mark Crusaders Animation Adventures. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/215345/the-cutie-mark-crusaders-animation-adventures I want to Hired you as my Partner

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