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Important announcement about my being · 11:27pm Jan 7th, 2019

Fellow MLP fans, due to how a friend of mine was treated, and how I realized they can be very toxic, I decided to evolve from being a Brony. From now on, I am... an Equestrian! All MLP fans who don't like the idea of being toxic Bronies/Pegasisters should adapt to becoming Equestrians as well! Who's with me?

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Hi ToonWriter I'm Kittycat5499 you wanna join The Cutie Mark Crusaders Animation Adventures. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/215345/the-cutie-mark-crusaders-animation-adventures I want to Hired you as my Partner

Comment posted by TopGun1986 deleted September 15th
Comment posted by TopGun1986 deleted September 7th

Hey are doing alright? The SpongeBob SquarePants cinematic adventures is almost finished. I'm not trying rush you or anything but some people are getting worried.

Just please be alright and I hope nothing bad has happened to you.

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