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In the midst of school making its comeback from summer vacation, and with only two years left to go before graduation, Sunset Shimmer and her friends are once again assigned homework. This time, though, their teachers give them a series of history assignments on widely renowned historical figures who brought such an impact on the world that it seems like, without them, the world would be thrown into turmoil.

However, when Equestrian magic suddenly tampers with history and turns the present time into one of chaos and misery thanks to evil having its way, the girls are given their only chance to fix what was damaged by traveling through time and correcting history. And as they do, they go on grand adventures, make new friends, and battle new enemies.

Can they fix the historical events that the magic had messed up? Or not?

Having been partly inspired by the “Disney Chronicles” and “Cinematic Adventures” groups, I recently couldn’t help but vision several movies based on historical events in my head as being part of an alternate universe. That universe being the one that the Equestria Girls live in. Some movies are even ones that are fictional, but yet, they have these astounding correlations with history. They may not be historically accurate, but they’re still some of the most fun and entertaining films to watch.

So, that’s what this group and the stories posted here are all about.

My biggest goal is to make this series as unique and different as possible from the other two series I was inspired by, so if anyone has any suggestions for how I can do that, don’t be afraid of telling me. My door’s open.

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Thank you for the invite.

Thx for the invite.

Everything’s still a work in progress, so I don’t have a full-on plan on how to go about certain aspects yet, such as how the girls go back in time and how they can fit in the historical time periods.

Basically, this group is about the Equestria Girls venturing in movies based on historical events. And, even though the film’s aren’t historically accurate in real life, they can be accurate in their world.

So what the idea for this group

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