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Beyond this door is magic, so strange that it's unseen. So follow me, and i guaranee that these worlds he's conceived, and all he achived, it must be believed to be seen.

Welcome to Equestria Girls: Disney Odyssey, a series I'm working on that mixes Equestria Girls with Disney.

Inspired by MLP: The Disney Chronicles, It is like Kingdom Hearts meets Simsalagrim with a pinch of the Muppets flair for guest stars and cameos, and a large assortment of original characters I thought up.

The premise is this: One night, the Rainbooms finds a girl in a glass coffin holding a magic book. They learn that the girl's name is Trinity and that she has no memories of who she is. Soon our heroes open the book, and they all soon meet a couple of friendly faces, Spiritina, the Spirit of the Book of Disney, and Sheldon, her shapeshifting, whimsical assistant. The Rainbooms soon find themselves in a series of journies into the Book of Disney, seeing new worlds and meeting new friends.

But it is not without danger, for an evil necromancer, Nomis and his vile minions, become aware of the Rainbooms presence and try to use this to escape and rule the world outside of the book.

This will be the ultimat test of friendship, facing hardships and troubles, but together they can do anything

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Not to mention its beat to beat word to word the same just not all that interesting at least with cinematic adventures double e has tried to be different with his series

I'm sorry to have to say this folks. But this to me feels like a 'Disney Chronicles' rip-off. I tried finding something to look forward to, but honestly I'm starting to feel ill-confident about this ordeal. I'm going to have to depart from the group.

Good luck.

Hmm... Just by going over the summary of this series beforehand, it does sound rather intriguing. Whereas Dino's 'Book of Disney' series incorporates the use of the ponies, it seems one of the few major differences is that the focus on this series is incorporating the 'Equestria Girls' version of the team. Course there are a tiny bit of original elements I spy in the summary, some original characters (Supporting and antagonistic) thus far going by name alone but otherwise... I think this has potential.

But here's the thing about doing a series inspired by something as popular as Dino's work. It's one thing t be inspired by the works of one man but it's another matter of attempting to put together a series that is entirely your own. One could say that encompassing a similar 'book' that Dino's group used to venture through Disney would prevent this series from separating as it's own entity. However, I would be willing to give this series a chance if it makes all the effort possible to prove that 'just because' it's nearly similar to Dino's stories doesn't mean it's a word-by-word retelling of a familiar concept.

I'll be keeping watch on the progress of this series rather closely with hopes that this series has the makings of being a set of stories worth reading. At least while waiting for Dino's progress to commence.

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