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Inspired by the Disney Chronicles group, I decided to make this group dedicated to those wacky and funny characters of Jim Henson, the Muppets. Be it the Muppet Show, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, and Sesame Street characters, these puppets always knew how to make us laugh. From cracks at pop culture, starting obvious running gags, and awareness of being in a movie.

The ponies of Equestria would definitely have a fun time with these guys. And just imagine if the Mane 6, Spike, and any other character from Equestria were involved in the plots of various Muppet Movies from long ago to the latest two ones.

Stories must include Muppets from the Muppet Show and movies and even Sesame Street Muppets. Stories that're merely parodies of skits or movies surrounding the Muppets replaced with pony characters do not qualify.

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433418 hi you wanna see my new group today i was inspired by disney chronicles and cinematic adventures

Muppets and ponies rocks

I created a MLP and Muppets crossover not too long ago. Can I include that here?

In terms of Muppet-related material, word on the street is that 'Disney+' is making plans to hold a web series featuring 'The Muppets' alongside a Disney alumni, Josh Gad. There's nothing much as far as what the series will be about or whom out of The Muppets will be featured (But we can probably name a few obvious choices), but it should make for some rather entertaining material.

Considering that with 'The Muppets' mockumentary cancelled some time back and 'Muppet Babies' the reboot being the one active project thus far, the most 'The Muppets' have done currently is live shows (Like last months Fourth of July event). I haven't even mentioned much about 'Sesame Street' even though that is surely still going on and about.

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