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Starting with Bakugan again · 5:29pm Feb 29th, 2020

Hey, guys, I've been thinking about what I should be collecting next. During high school, I collected Bakugan cause I watched the show and it was pretty cool, I choose Pyrus cause I liked the fire element so much. But now, I wanted to start my Bakugan Collection again, now that Bakugan Battle Planet and Armored Alliance is out. I've been thinking about which element I should choose next. I was thinking either Darkus or Haos. What do you guys Think? Please help a guy out here :twilightsheepish:

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Thanks for adding my Pokémon story to your favorites.

Thanks for adding my Star Wars story to your favorites.

Well, I always like Power Rangers Mystic Force. Plus, I use to ship Nick and Madison.

Since power rangers is known to do crossovers with other teams of rangers, is there any you might enjoy seeing team up with the characters?

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