Starting with Bakugan again · 5:29pm Feb 29th, 2020

Hey, guys, I've been thinking about what I should be collecting next. During high school, I collected Bakugan cause I watched the show and it was pretty cool, I choose Pyrus cause I liked the fire element so much. But now, I wanted to start my Bakugan Collection again, now that Bakugan Battle Planet and Armored Alliance is out. I've been thinking about which element I should choose next. I was thinking either Darkus or Haos. What do you guys Think? Please help a guy out here :twilightsheepish:

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Thank you for adding Nicholas & The Crystal Star to your favorites. Hope you keep enjoying it! Happy Hearth's Warming! :ajsmug:

Thanks a ton for the watch!

Thank you for adding Yugioh: Worls Collide to your favorites. Hope that you're having fun reading it as much as I have fun writing it. Hope to continue to entertain you with this story. Thank you.

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